Canadian Justice Minister calls Nigeria’s Justice Minister, Malami,

, the and , , has lambasted , the and , for re-arresting IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.

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Madu wrote on his LinkedIn page that if allegations of Kanu’s kidnapping in Kenya were true, Malami was not only a “disgrace to the rule of law,” but also unfit to be a public official.


The Canadian politician, who is also the Deputy Government House Leader, claimed that Nigeria and Kenya had broken international law by extraditing Kanu, and urged world leaders to impose appropriate punishment.


Madu demanded Kanu’s release. He also pleaded with the Nigerian government to protect him.

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“The Attorney-General of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami, is a disgrace to the rule of law and unfit to serve as a court officer,” Madu said.


“He has demonstrated that he is a bigot who has no concept of what it means to live in a multicultural society ruled by the rule of law.”


“Nigeria is on fire, and the people of Nigeria, with the exception of those who are holding the country down, want out,” Madu continued.


“You can’t crush a people’s hope and aspirations for greatness and expect them to submit in servitude.


“You can’t expect a generation of people to fight for their freedom if you destroy them. The use of guns and state-sponsored terrorism would not bring peace or ensure Nigeria’s survival.


“The Igbo and other ethnic groups in Nigeria who are pushing for a renegotiated Nigeria are not looking for violence or war. They want to live in peace. They are looking for prosperity and advancement for their people. For their people, they seek fairness, safety, equity, and justice.


“They want their children to have the chance to grow up and realise their God-given full potential.


“They want to witness the growth of a people on the African continent that have the work ethic, knowledge, and capacity to be a true global superpower. They would rather be treated with respect than inhumanely. They choose life over death.


“Friends of the black globe must unite and free the people of Nigeria from this enslavement, as well as from the talons of corrupt and inept politicians who have no business in Nigeria’s political power corridor.”


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