Canadian Dollar To Naira Black Market.

Black market Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate today, 22nf October 2022  below.

How much is the exchange rate of Canadian Dollar to Naira in Black Market today?

Also see How much is dollar to naira today black market exchange rate 22nd, Oct 2022

The Nigeria parallel market (black market dollar exchange rate today) to the Nigerian Naira is as follows: For the Lagos market (black market).

CAD To NGN Canadian Dollars to Naira
Buying 557
Selling 563

Canadian Dollar To Naira Bank Rate Today.

  • 1 Canadian Dollar = 317.97.
Convert Canadian Dollars to Nigerian Naira | CAD to NGN
Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 CAD = 317.97 Nigerian Naira · Currency Converter ·
Important Note:  Please note that you can exchange your Canadian Dollar to the Nigerian Naira at 586/CAD right now , but it can change within an hour depending on the volume of available Canadian Dollars and the rate of demand.

Canadian Dollar To Naira


Meanwhile, on Friday, the market capitalization of the Nigerian stock exchange increased by 0.14 percent.

After eight hours of trading on Friday, the market’s equity capitalization increased by N40 billion, from N24.14 trillion to N24.18 trillion.

The All-Share Index increased by 64.52 basis points from 44,332.21 to 44,393.21, maintaining its sluggish growth.

Friday saw 2,888 trades involving 95.18 million shares worth N1.88 billion.

This was less than the 119.22 million shares worth N3.20 billion that were traded in 2,909 transactions the previous day.

Academy topped the list of gainers with a share price increase of N0.13kobo, from N1.33kobo to N1.46kobo.

The share price of Sterling Bank increased by 3.95 percent, from N1.52kobo to N1.58kobo.

The value of each Chams share increased by 3.85 percent, from N0.26kobo to N0.27kobo at the close of trading.

The closing price of N0.29kobo per share for Mutual Benefit was 3.57 percent higher than its opening price of N0.28kobo per share.

Canadian Dollar To Naira Black Market.

The price of Transcorp shares increased by 2.83 percent, from N1.06 to N1.09 per share.

NEM topped the list of losers after losing N0.49kobo per share to fall from N4.91kobo to N4.44kobo.

Royal Exchange shares ended trading at N0.83kobo per share, down 9.78% from N0.92kobo per share.

Morison shares ended trading at N1.98kobo, down from N2.19kobo per share.

Shares of Sovereign Insurance decreased by 7.14 percent, falling from N0.28kobo to N0.26kobo.

Canadian Dollar To Naira Black Market Exchange Today 21st October, 2022


During trading, Wapic’s share price fell from N0.36kobo to N0.34kobo, a loss of 5.56 percent.

With 26.59 million shares worth N100.68 million, Fidelity Bank dominated trading for the day.

10.76 million shares worth N215.43 million were sold by Zenith Bank.

GTCO came in second with 8.23 million shares worth N152.55 million.

Access Corporation exchanged 8.21 million shares worth N65.85 million, whereas NGX Group exchanged 5.81 million shares worth N122.48 million.

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