New WhatsApp Scams that Can Delete your Account Forever


New WhatsApp Scams  

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, as well as the most popular messaging service, which is why hackers are always on the lookout for it. As technology evolves, new methods for stealing data and even deleting accounts emerge.


The most common robbery is the deletion of WhatsApp accounts. The mechanism is as follows: they send the victim a text message impersonating a technical service; the information may vary, but the message is always the same.

Hello, user. The text that reaches the victim’s WhatsApp says, “We inform you that someone has recently registered a WhatsApp account using their number, and we cannot determine if the login is real.”

“Because user activity logs may contain confidential and private information, the WhatsApp support team is unable to examine alerts triggered by questionable login activity,” she says.

Panda Security is the source of this information.

Following the WhatsApp message, the hacker receives a text message with a verification code. To verify root [SMS], we’ve sent you an identity verification request. If you fail to pass the verification process or abandon the attempt, you will be suspended indefinitely.


They want the victim to click on the SMS in order to get control of their account and lose access to it. They can browse a list of contacts, access conversations, and take personal information this way, among other things.

According to Herv Lambert, head of global consumer operations at Panda Security, this is a really sophisticated attack because thieves leverage the company’s security measures to transform them into a vulnerability.

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As a result, it is critical not to click on any WhatsApp message or link without first consulting a specialist or calling support. This is a crime against privacy in some countries, such as Spain, with penalties ranging from a year to four years in prison.

As a result, you should never accept a promotion or anything like on WhatsApp. Even Mercado Libre had to reject a chain that several users had sent to Argentina recently.

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Have you received any of the following messages?.

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