Cairo Ojuogboh has done more harm than good to Delta APC


Dr coming into APC has increased the internal crisis. At late last year when Ojuogboh officially Decamped to APC, Media were on fire breaking the news. Ever APC member celebrate and welcome him.

I also wrote one article about him ” title what can Dr Cairo Ojuogboh offer” I thought he was a very good man from his look, feeling he has come to bring more peace and work force to kick Okowa Out, Unknowingly he has a very hidden agenda which he has failed to achieve in PDP.

His coming to APC has brought more crisis to APC than good. If people like Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh are not kicked out now he will break the party structure to favour his Political motives.

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Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh, a former deputy national chairman of PDP, South-South until 2017 when he decamped to APC cannot boast of winning His LGA. One of the major reasons why he decamped to APC was for his selfish political ambition of becoming a governor and not for the interest of Deltans.

Cairo Ojuogboh who was the fractional member of Sherif PDP, haven been disgraced by the Federal Court, realized he had lost his political position and goodwill as a result of his desperation for power he join another force in order to take over PDP from Gov. Okowa, as a result PDP decide to file two House of assembly candidates, last year warri Constituency bye election of which SDP candidate filed by Gov. Okowa won the bye election.

Since the coming of Mr desperado (CAIRO) into APC, the hand of the clock has been turned around. APC no longer fight the ruling party, what they do now as a result of Cairo Ojuogboh wrong orientation and selfish political ambition, who brought PDP rotation of power has caused more internal crisis within the party. No wonder PDP decides to celebrate his exits and caution APC against him and his selfish political ambition of becoming a Governor.

No true Nigeria will be willing to rule for one term without going for a second term. Even a child will love to complete two term ambition. No wonder GEJ, haven rule Nigeria for six years still wants to make it ten years.
Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh was among those who loot Nigeria during the PDP rule in a way or the other. He has been in the corridor of power and yet he has nothing to offer. Can he point any meaningful achievement made by him to Deltans? the answer is capital NO.

He is not a man to trust with power, he will dump you. Just image how can a man who cannot even win his own LGA win Gov. Okowa.Cairo Ojuogboh was among those who put Niger Delta in this present situation. During his tenure as PDP South South Chairman, all the oil companies like shell, Globular star, etc. left Delta state for Lagos.I therefore beg APC leaders to look forward for a candidate with a clean record and not the one who has contributed to the suffering and underdevelopment of Delta State.

Omajemite Don

Political Analyst
Co-founder: Better Life Initiative (BLI)



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