Buhari Never Promised to make one Naira Equal to one Dollar – Presidency Challenge  Nigerians To Bring Video Clip (video)


, President Buhari’s , has confirmed that President Buhari never made an election pledge to make one Naira equal to one dollar.

When Adesina appeared on Channels TV on Sunday night, March 28, he refuted this assertion.

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The host had questioned as to what the president is doing to keep his pledge of making the dollar equal to the Nigerian naira.

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The President vowed to ensure equality in both currencies at his presidential rally at the Dan Anyiam Stadium in Imo state, according to the presenter, but Nigerians have instead seen a rise in the dollar to Naira exchange rate during his five years in office.

President Buhari never promised to make one Naira equal to one dollar ? Presidential aide, Femi Adesina (video)


Responding, Adesina said President Buhari never made such a promise.

”What you just said does not exist, it is fake, it is false, it is apocryphal, it doesn’t exit. The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, has debunked that before. It doesn’t exist. It was never said.

If it was said, there should be clips, there should be publications.  It was never said. I challenge you to make the clip available where that promise was made” he said

Watch a clip from the interview below..



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