Buhari Gives Reason for Recent Attacks on Churches

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Buhari has Given Reason for Recent Attacks on Churches.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the recent spate of deadly attacks in churches is designed to cause religious stress in the country.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media and Publicity) Garba Shehu noted that it is obvious that evil people are trying to put the nation under religious stress, as evidenced by the tragedies in Owo two weeks ago and the killings and kidnappings that occurred just last weekend in Kaduna State.

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According to the article, President Buhari thinks that Nigeria is great because of its diversity and religious freedom. Nigeria’s strength comes from its diversity. Because of this, Nigeria’s enemies want to pit us against one another in order to destroy Nigeria.

“We won’t allow them. These obviously planned and politically motivated criminal outrages won’t divert or divide the country.

The murderers are cowardly, weak, and evil men with guns who kill unarmed women and children at their places of worship in cold blood.

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The president stated, “Seeing the crowd of Nigerians voluntarily rushing to donate blood after the attack, thronging the local hospitals, even in the midst of mourning, I was proud of my country.” He had noted the stark contrast between the actions of those hateful cowards and those of true Nigerians. I felt full of hope.

“Cowards will be held accountable for their crimes, I guarantee it. They will be held accountable by us. You can be sure that effort is being supported to the fullest extent by Nigeria’s formidable security and intelligence forces.

“For the time being, I urge all Nigerians—whether they practice the Christian, Muslim, or any other of our great faiths—to join together in prayer. Let us keep the victims and their families on our minds and in our hearts.

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“Let’s demonstrate that we won’t be divided to the cowards who want to split us along religious lines. Let’s demonstrate to them that Nigerians will still value our commonalities while appreciating our differences. Let’s demonstrate to them that cowards, extremists, and terrorists will never intimidate Nigerians.


  1. Some of us know better than this article of hypocrisy from the “presidency”.
    What we know from the turn of events since this regime deceived its way to power in 2015, is that the most dangerous religious, albeit ethnic stress the country has ever faced always comes from this very ethno-religious nepotistic, bigoted regime Nigeria had ever experienced.
    Even those carrying out all these heinous atrocities are following the body gestures of the regime and its so-called presidency, knowing fully well that nothing would happen apart from press releases and expressing “shock”.
    Let the presidency prove us wrong!


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