Breaking: Buhari Fires Mr Lai For Leaking Presidential Information to Bloggers


Buhari Fires Mr Lai For Leaking Presidential Information to Bloggers 

President Buhari fired his top aide for leaking presidential data.

Ejes Gist Nigeria learned that President Muhammadu Buhari allegedly fired Lai Yahaya, the top policy adviser, on charges of providing an online newspaper with internal State House information.

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This online news platform acknowledges that the sacked Yahaya, a former Nigerian presidential adviser on electricity initiatives, was accused of being the central source of the Peoples Gazette story, which exposed Bolaji, the son of Ibrahim Gambari, the Chief of Staff of Buhari.

According to sources who spoke to the PeoplesGazette, the former presidential aide has since relocated from Nigeria to Europe amid fears of further retribution.

“A presidential official said, “They said he leaked a story to your newspaper and they were unable to work with him with confidence. “They tried to get him to confess over and over again, saying that some of the details revealed in the story could only have been divulged by him.”

The PeoplesGazette, on the other hand, denied that Yahaya, a graduate of Balliol College at Oxford University, played any part in the story revealed by Gambari’s son.

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An October 2020 story that highlighted Bolaji Gambari as the new head of a cabal of administration associates inside the Presidential Villa is the article that led to the sacking of the presidential aide.

The Gazette also accused the administration of President Buhari of pressuring providers of network services to cut off connections to his site.

Ejes Gist Nigeria, meanwhile, reports that the dismissed presidential aide is an attorney and sustainable energy consultant who previously worked at the State House until 2017 under the late chief of staff Abba Kyari, after which he served as an African Union advisor to Raila Odinga.

Yahaya was recalled by Ibrahim Gambari to the State House as the top energy infrastructure adviser, serving only a few months on the job before being sacked on false charges. This occurred shortly after his May 2020 appointment.

Buhari Fires Mr Lai For Leaking Presidential Information to Bloggers 



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