Breaking: Woman allegedly kills 3days old baby in Adamawa


Woman allegedly kills 3days old baby

Amina Umar, 20, was detained by Police Command for reportedly killing her 3-day-old baby son using a chemical generally used to kill rodents.

DSP , the state police command’s spokesperson, confirmed the arrest to LIB, saying the suspect killed her kid because she believed the father couldn’t care for her and their child.

Amina had divorced her husband and reconciled with Buba Musa, her 22-year-old ex-boyfriend, who is now married. After he pledged to take her as his second wife, she became pregnant for him. Buba, a mechanic, allegedly abandoned her after she became pregnant, and when she finally gave birth on March 14, she chose to murder her child on March 17.

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“After giving birth to the baby, she discovered that the so-called father is not the type to look after her and the child properly, so she went out and bought a pesticide.” She poured it into a cup and handed it to the infant. She was eventually apprehended and confessed to the crime. ‘We’re gathering all evidence so that we can charge her in court and let the law take its course,’ said a police official.

Amina allegedly instructed a boy to buy pesticide for her on the day she allegedly killed her own baby, which she then gave to the baby, resulting in his premature death. Amina informed her neighbours that her infant was sick after using the pesticide. Her neighbours, unbeknownst to her, overheard her talk with the lad she dispatched to get the pesticide. She told them afterwards that the baby had died. This made her neighbours suspicious of her actions, and they promptly notified the police, who apprehended her and interrogated her until she confessed to the murder of her child.

Nguroje explained why Buba was detained.

“At first, we were told that it was the guy who encouraged her to abort the baby while she was pregnant, but when he couldn’t, he decided to abandon her, which angered her enough to make that decision.” We’re still looking into whether or not it’s real. If it is discovered that he had no involvement, he will be released; however, if he has any evidence that he aided the crime, he will be charged in court as well.”

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