BREAKING: PDP Publicity Secretary Slumps In Court

PDP Publicity Secretary Slumps In Court

PDP Publicity Secretary has slumped in court.

, the Publicity Secretary of the in Ebonyi State, is said to have slumped in court.

Nwoba,  was brought to the Magistrate Court 3 inside the Ebonyi Judiciary Headquarters Abakaliki by the police around 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

PDP Publicity Secretary Slumps In Court

He had been in police custody since Sunday, when members of the Ebubeagu Security outfit arrested him and handed him over to the police.

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He’s accused of spreading fake news on social media, a crime punishable under the contentious cybercrimes law that was passed last year.

According to the PDP in the state, he was beaten by Ebubeagu officials who arrested him before the police rescued and arrested him.


Despite bringing him to the courthouse on Tuesday, the police were unable to arraign him.

His lawyer complained on Tuesday that despite the injuries he sustained during the alleged beating, the police had refused him medical treatment.


He slumped as he was about to enter the courtroom when he was brought to court on Wednesday.

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Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful, forcing the police to rush him out of the courtroom and possibly to the hospital.

He was brought back by the police just as journalists were about to leave to file their reports.

He was still slumped in the car under the sun at the time of this report.

According to his lawyer, Luke Nkwegu, the police claimed to have been ordered to bring him back to court and arraign him dead or alive.

The court was reportedly waiting for the Magistrate to show up for his arraignment.

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