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President Buhari should Act Fast As ready to strike,  Send Powerful Message

In response to the three per cent allocation for host communities in the recently enacted Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) by the National Assembly, a militant organisation known as the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (NDRC) has threatened to re-ignite hostilities.

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It claims that its commanders have returned to the creeks of the Niger Delta region, where they are ready to strike at any time.


The militants, through their spokesperson, W.O. 1 Izon-Ebi, stated on Friday condemning the three per cent as well as the thirty per cent set aside for exploration of frontier basins in the recently passed bill.


In a statement headlined “We Will Defend Our God-Given Resources,” the militant organisation stated that it will continue to struggle until the National Assembly reviews the odious elements of the PIB that are currently in effect.


During the past 56 years, the region has faced desecration of its hallowed places such as worship centres and lands as well as environmental degradation in the form of streams and lakes, as well as serious environmental degradation without remediation.”


The PIB was regarded by the group as a coup by the Nigerian against the people of the oil-rich Niger Delta region.


While the and people of Zamfara state are allowed to control 100 per cent of their gold resource (fiscal Federalism is in effect in Zamfara state), what the people of the Niger Delta region could get from their natural resource is a pitiful 3 per cent for host communities and a whopping 30 per cent for exploration of frontier basins, according to the Niger Delta Development Commission.


It is an economic coup against the people of the region; it is an insult, a daylight robbery, and a betrayal by the Nigerian government,” he continued.

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”The region welcomed peace because it was the most polite thing to do to pave the way for serious discourse, genuine government commitment, and the revision of the Niger Delta region’s ideological construct,” says the author.


After 11 years of offering the region a shot at peace, the Nigerian government has instead turned savage toward it through the passage of offensive legislation.” This is the source of our sincere concern and grievances.

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Consequently, we have instructed our commanders in the region to return to their bases in the creeks and await further instructions on the next course of action. ” In addition, the statement stated, “We will defend our resources and preserve our region from further senseless pillage of our God-given resources.”


In response to Bill’s three-per cent provision for host towns, leaders and stakeholders in the region, including governors and elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark, have expressed their opposition.

They have also warned that if some controversial parts of the Bill are not revised by federal legislators, a crisis in the region may erupt.



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