Breaking News: Electricity Workers Shut Down IKEDC

Breaking News: Electricity Workers Shut Down IKEDC
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Workers under the umbrella of the National Union of Electricity Employees have shut down the headquarters of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) at Alausa, to protest against maltreatment and the arbitrary sack of staff.

The protest, which was led by the Chairman of the United Labour Congress, Comrade Joe Ajaero, was also meant to address the issue of outrageous billing of customers. Speaking with newsmen at the scene of the protest, Ajaero explained that the union’s agitation was two-pronged.

“The picketing is in two prongs. There is the issue of poor service or no service to Nigerians, and we have discovered that after five years that we fought for the state to take responsibility on power supply, after which they handed it over to the private sector, the private sector is not delivering services.

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They are charging for darkness.

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“The second is the issue of the condition of services of workers. You will recall that some two years ago, a similar incident happened here over conditions of service and arbitrary sack of workers. Up till today, IKEDC still sacks people periodically, without conditions of service or enabling environment. So, we are here as workers to enforce the introduction of conditions of service and fair wages in every industry,” he said.

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