All social media platforms and Online broadcasting service providers operating in Nigeria have been required to apply for a broadcast licence by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Armstrong Idachaba, the NBC director-general, issued the command in a newspaper ad published on Thursday, June 10. According to Idachaba, the NBC establishment code allows the commission to request that enterprises be licenced.

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“(1) The Commission shall have [the] responsibility of: Receiving, processing, and considering applications for the establishment, ownership, or operation of radio and television stations, including I cable television services, direct satellite broadcast, and any other medium of broadcasting,” according to section two (b) of the NBC act of 2004.

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The advertorial reads


“The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) hereby directs every Online Broadcast Service provider and Social Media Platforms operating within the Nigerian State to apply and obtain broadcast licence for their service(s).

Note that any Online Broadcast Service Provider that fails to obtain a licence will be considered an illegal entity.”


It’s unclear whether the order applies just to broadcasting companies or not.


This decision comes just 24 hours after Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, stated that all Over-the-Top service providers, such as Facebook, Twitter, and other microblogging services, will be required to apply for a licence before operating in the country.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria halted Twitter’s operations in Nigeria on Friday, June 4, just days after the site erased a post from President Muhammadu Buhari’s handle.


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