BREAKING: Life-Saving As Abia Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Set To Hold Peace Talk With IPOB

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

, of Abia state, claims that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are not nearly as bad as bandits in the north who are being paid a ransom for their services.


The governor stated in an interview with Vanguard, which was monitored by Ejes Gist News, that the best way to resolve the issue surrounding the agitation for secession is for the federal to engage with the group.

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He stated that IPOB is attempting to communicate a message and that confidence-building between the two parties is necessary.


“We have to engage with the IPOB. Yes, we need to find a way to talk about the issues that are at stake with one another. According to him, these individuals are not “as heinous as those in the northeast or northwest who enter schools and seize the entire population of teachers and students, or who invade mosques or churches and kidnap all of the worshippers, and no one can find them until they are paid a ransom,” he explained.

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“In my opinion, what these people in the southeast are saying has some ideological logic to it.” Even though taking up arms against the state is a criminal offence, there is something to be heard.


“There is a message they are attempting to convey through this process.” Confidence building among ourselves is more important than using words that are inappropriate even for leaders to employ. Even though Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder, finding a solution should not be too difficult.”


He stated that, as the governor of Abia, where Nnamdi Kanu is from, he regards him as a citizen rather than as the leader of IPOB, and that he is willing to engage with the group to resolve the issue, according to Reuters.


“I am concerned about his well-being, and I am concerned that he be tried in a just and fair manner. “I am pleased that they are attempting to bring justice to bear by investigating the allegations against him and trying him fairly and impartially,” he said. “However, I would not want him to be treated as if he were a convicted felon when he has not been convicted.”


“Until he ceases to be my citizen, it is our responsibility as his father to provide for him; after all, the prodigal son had a father.”


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