Emir’s Eldest Son Shot Dead By Bandits 

Alhaji Bashar Saidu Namaska, the eldest son of the Emir of Kontagora, was assassinated by bandits in his father’s property on Wednesday.

Others working on the farm along Zuru road in Kontagora, Niger State, were also slaughtered by the robbers.

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The late Emir’s son, Sarkin Sudan, Alhaji Saidu Namaska, is the Sardauna of Kontagora and is believed to have been holding the forte for his father, Sarkin Sudan, Alhaji Saidu Namaska, who has been ailing for months.

The Emir’s son was supposed to be a farmer’s son who was usually working at his father’s huge property.

The tragedy was confirmed by a top government official, who stated that the Emir’s son’s death had been properly publicised.

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He further stated that he was buried according to Islamic customs.

“It is true that bandits infiltrated Kontagora town and killed several people, including the Emir’s son.

“The Emir’s son was transported to the hospital after the robbers shot him, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“His death was officially reported, and he was laid to rest.”

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According to sources, the bandits initiated a stop-and-search operation on commercial and private vehicles traversing the road after the attack on the Emir’s son, collecting valuables from passengers.

According to sources, several persons were kidnapped, though The Nation was unable to independently verify this.

# Emir’s Eldest Son Shot Dead By Bandits


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