BREAKING: Buhari backs southern presidency

Buhari backs southern presidency

Buhari backs southern presidency

In 2023, has backed a power transfer to the south.

He stated this at an Aso Rock Villa dinner with presidential aspirants from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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Meanwhile, Governors from the northern region of the All Progressives Congress have requested that the party’s presidential ticket be zoned to the south.

It was a matter of honour for the APC, according to a statement signed by 11 governors. In the national interest, the Governors asked all Northern contenders to withdraw from the campaign.

The Governors stated, “At this time, the most serious and inclusive process to picking our party’s nominee is required.”

The statement reads as follows: Statement by Northern States’ APC Governors and Political Leaders

APC governors and political leaders from the northern states of Nigeria today met to review the political situation and to further support our Party in providing progressive leadership amidst our national challenges.

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During our discussions, we welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari’s invitation to governors and other stakeholders to contribute to the emergence of a strong presidential candidate for the APC.

After careful deliberation, we wish to state our firm conviction that after eight years in office of President Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the APC for the 2023 elections should be one of our teeming members from the southern states of Nigeria.

It is a question of honour for the APC, an obligation that is not in anyway affected by the decisions taken by another political party. We affirm that upholding this principle is in the interest of building a stronger, more united and more progressive country.

That is the latest Naija Buhari backs southern presidency


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