Breaking : 12 Confirmed Dead in Benue tanker explosion

Three females, Eight males and a little boy have died as a result of the traffic

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The tanker explosion in Oshigbudu village, Agatu Local Government Area, Benue State, claimed the lives of at least twelve people.


A petrol tanker had fallen at the Oshigbudu-Obagaji junction earlier on Sunday, spilling its contents.

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Yakubu Mohammed, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Benue State, told PREMIUM TIMES that the tanker had lost control.

Breaking : 12 Confirmed Dead in Benue tanker explosion

According to him, the traffic accident claimed the lives of eight men, three women, and a small child.


The twelve people died instantly, according to Mr Mohammed, who reported that a fire broke out after the accident.


He, on the other hand, could not say how many people were affected by the fire, which destroyed homes and businesses.


“Everything seems to be back to normal now, but you are aware that the tanker lost control and crashed. As soon as it crashed, fuel spilled, affecting shops and homes.”


He went on to say that FRSC operatives and other sister agencies are collaborating to evacuate the victims and maintain control of the situation.

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