Boko Haram Leader Shekau Releases New Video, Threatens Minister, Journalists


Abubakar Shekau


The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has released a video in which he threatened the minister of communication and digital economy, Isa Pantami.

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Mr Shekau, in the nine-minute video, likewise threatened journalists stating they should beware about what they report or discuss his group.

The fear leader who appeared in military clothes with a turban on his head had an AK 47 attack rifle resting throughout his chest and wielded a thick chewing stick as he glared at the electronic camera.

Mr Shekau likewise buffooned President Muhammadu Buhari, referring to his Wednesday’s check out to Maiduguri, where troubled locals booed him. Mr Buhari went to over Sunday’s attack that caused the death of over 30 visitors in Auno.

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Speaking in Hausa and estimating the verses of the Quran in Arabic, Mr Shekau had actually asked the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, whether he was tired of leading the counter-terrorism war.

The irregular Boko Haram leader likewise threatened a highly regarded legal representative and expert on counterinsurgency in Nigeria, Bulama Bukarti. Mr Bukarti is an expert with the Co-Existence group at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, where he leads the group’s deal with sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Shekau stated he released the video in reaction to the interaction minister’s supposed strategy to obstruct mobile interaction lines to annoy the operation of Boko Haram insurgents.

Mr Shekau stated he was upset with the minister since of his background as an Islamic cleric.

Repeating his group’s taking the credit for the death of popular Kano cleric Sheikh Jafar, who was eliminated by an unidentified assassin on April 13, 2007, Mr Shekau stated the minister might suffer the same fate should he not revoke his objective versus the activities of Boko Haram.

Read Shekau’s complete video message:

“This is a message I am sending on was developed on Thursday 13th February.

“As the leader of Jamaatul Ahlil Sunna liddawati wal jihad (Boko Haram), I am speaking straight to those who pretend to be excellent Muslims while they are not. God will judge the hypo, critics of Islam who utilise the platform of faith to attain their self-centred gains.

“We don’t judge people up until we ensure what we have seen in them.

“This video message is mainly released since one guy, who believes he is educated. I desire him to archive this message and continue describing it till his death comes. From today onward, you will continue to reside in grief, since I, Shekau, state so.

“This caution is for Isa Ali Panatami; don’t believe just since you preach in English or since you are called a medical professional, it indicates you understand Islam. You know absolutely nothing. Today you have ended up being a minister, and you feel you can attain your self-centred ends. You should realise that speaking English has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

“You stated you are going to obstruct phone lines and other ways of interaction, to annoy the activities of Boko Haram, right. But you need to comprehend that we don’t depend upon such to get our messages. Our messengers resemble the angels of God. How attempt you try to stop the works we are providing for the developer of the paradises and earth, just since you have ended up being a servant to the white world and the nation. We pity you if you don’t repent.

“I testify to God. You are absolutely nothing. Initially, we have not resented with you. Now you have ended up being a servant to the infidels; repent now and end up being an excellent Muslim. If  you don’t comply from now on, death will pertain to you, Isa Ali Pantami. I contact my members in Africa, in Nigeria to increase and do the needful. Let them understand that what we did to Sheik Jafar is simply the idea of the iceberg. Anywhere you see Isa Ali Pantami, don’t extra him. Isa Ali Pantami you are absolutely nothing; even Jafar attempted the same, thing; however we handled him; talk less of you that is absolutely nothing in Islamic practice. And from today on, you would not have rest of mind since you have attempted God.

“And you, President Buhari, you stated you are practically 80 years old , you are hectic tackling, and now your people have begun booing, right? You await your angels of death.

“And you Buratai, the chief of army personnel; you tired ,? Wait for your day.

“The journalists on BBC, Radio German, Radio France International, Dandal Kura, national dailies, be mindful in all that you discuss us. We are not harbouring you people, and we are doing the work of God. Our trust remains in God and not in people.

“We have comprehended your wicked plots versus the faith of God, and your hypocrisy has been made understood to us. Go on and plot versus us in a trick, we too will assemble in secret, and plot versus and see who will take the day.

“However, this video is developed since Isa Ali Pantami. And you Bulama Bukarti in England; you heard my words in the past. All these names I point out are unimportant aspects.

“And you President Buhari, just since some individuals told you that they had eliminated our leaders, so now you are pushed, and you wish to kill Shekau, right? Who is Shekau, a little individual to you? But you are now in difficulty Mr Buhari; you remain in huge difficulty. I am still here, that little kid that has defied the leaders of the world. I am still around. You wait, it will quickly be over before all of us satisfy in the hereafter.”





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