Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Friday, 28 January 2022

Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today , Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Naira to Dollar

The on Dollar to Naira rate at the official and black market exchange rate January 28th, 2022 can be accessed here on Ejes Gist News


Read Ejes Gist News latest updates  on Black Market today, Bureau De Change (BDC) rates, as well as the official dollar rates  and CBN rates.


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Important Note : Please note that the exchange rate changes hourly. It depends on the volume of dollars available and the demand. What it means is that you can buy or sell 1 dollar at 435 and the price can change (high or low) within hours.

How Much is Dollar to Naira Official Exchange Rate Today?

The official rate today, Friday, January 28th 2022,1 United States Dollar equals 415.49 Nigerian Naira. 

According to the data at the FMDQ Security Exchange where forex is traded officially, exchange rate between the naira and the US dollar opened at ₦415.49/$1 on Friday 28th , after it closed at ₦415.35 to $1 on Thursday,  January 27th,  2022.


The exchange rate for a at Lagos Parallel Market (Black Market) players buy a dollar for ₦565 and sell at ₦570 on Friday, January 28th 2022, according to data obtained from Bureau De Change (BDC).


Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate 565
Selling Rate 570


Please be aware that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognise the parallel market (black market), and has advised individuals interested in trading in foreign exchange to contact their respective banks.

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Trading at the official NAFEX window

The exchange rate between the Nigerian Currency and the US dollar opened at ₦415.32/$1 on 27th January 2022 and closed at ₦415.33/$1. Showing a change of 0.034%.

Lawmakers suspend CBN’s product tracking policy, question Emefiele’s interest in finance ministry role

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to suspend its fiscal policy and electronic invoice (e-invoice) for all import and export operations.


The lawmakers demanded that the CBN inform the public before implementing the e-invoice system, which will track the value or prices of goods imported into Nigeria and exported out of the country.

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Reps summoned CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele to defend the policy and explain how it will not affect revenue generation by the Nigerian Customs Service once it is implemented.


Following a motion sponsored by Kogi State lawmaker Leke Abejide, who questioned the CBN’s haste in implementing the e-invoice, the policy was debated in the House of Representatives.


“Sudden monetary/fiscal circulars implemented hurriedly or half-haphazardly often leads to policy summersault.  Hence major policy changes such as this,” Abejide told his colleagues.

Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Friday


The apex bank had informed the public and traders that hard copy invoices will be replaced by e-invoices. The e-valuators for documentation required to conduct import and export business in Nigeria.



The Authorised Dealer Banks (ADBs) will confirm the e-invoice on the Nigeria single-window portal, which is the Trade Monitoring System.


Following today’s plenary session, lawmakers instructed the CBN to provide a 90-day timeline before implementing new fiscal and monetary policies, claiming that this would prevent a sudden negative impact on the Nigerian economy.


Abejide said that such a policy would “distort prices of goods and services, create logjams for imports and exports, delay transactions, and, as a result, cause port congestion” while speaking.


“Importers and exporters in the manufacturing, mining, and trading sectors would be affected because the exceptions indicate that all exporters and importers with a cumulative invoicing value equal to or above $500,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency would be affected,” he added.


During the meeting, the lower chamber chastised Emefiele for his interest in fiscal policy, claiming that the CBN governor was assuming the role of finance minister rather than concentrating on monetary policy.

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  • Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate


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Related Questions:

The is ₦415.49/$

According to data obtained by  to Ejes Gist News 1000 dollars in is ₦415,490.00/$

1 dollar in naira is ₦415.49/$ according to data obtained from I & E window.

100 dollars in naira is ₦41,549.00/$ this according to data obtained by correspondent


Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate

Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today , Jan 5, 2022

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