Biafra leader exposes ’ Nigeria’s worst enemies, those sponsoring terrorism


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu  has actually declared that the British Government was the worst opponent of Nigeria as well as not those upseting for Biafra.

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Kanu declared that the British federal government as well as some people in Aso Rock were sustaining terrorism in Nigeria.

In his online program on Thursday, the IPOB leader asserted that the British sees “evil in Nigeria happening, see Satan and Lucifer in Aso Rock and keep quiet because it is in the interest of their neocolonialism act of empowering the almajiris they manipulates.”

According to Kanu: “The greatest enemy of Nigeria is British government and some if its nationals, they are the ones perpetrating, support and financing terrorism with the people occupying Aso Rock and deceiving Nigerians that they mean well for them.”

He declared that all the activities as well as jobs of the All Progress Congress, APC, federal government in Nigeria are tailored in the direction of promo of Islam.

Kanu declared that APC jobs are created to make all the Nigeria States welcome Sharia regulation as well as equip the Fulani ethnic team.

He stated, “When the Jihadist in Abuja desired Sharia regulation they did not most likely to the National Assembly or ask for vote to bote to obtain it, instead the twelve Sharia States went outside the Constitution of Nigeria as well as concurred as well as presented Sharia Law, yet today they are asking us why we are upseting for Biafra as well as informing us to experience the proper network when they did not experience proper network to obtain Sharia they are exercising today.

“Who in Nigeria today chose Sharia Law to be exercised in Nigerian Northern states today, is Sharia in Nigerian Constitution, they voluntarily overturned the Constitution of Nigeria as well as enforced Sharia on the Northern Nigerians.

“If they count on the Constitution of Nigeria, they would certainly not have actually presented Sharia Law within Nigeria where the Constitution exist, so when they inform us not to upset for Biafra, what is their ethical right as well as validation for informing us that, Biafrans should ask exactly how they obtained Sharia being exercised in Nigeria Northern States anytime they kicks versus Biafra anxiety.

“We should ask they which channel did they use to introduce and get Sharia Law being practiced in the twelve Northern States. You cannot tell us that one law operate for people in the North while another operate for the people in the South under one country that you said operate a Constitution.”


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