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Fresh from the excitement of fans when it was announced that Teddy A and BamBam, housemates from last year’s edition got engaged, it seems we are going to witness another Big Brother Relationship blossom into something bigger in the future.

One of the most talked about ‘ship’ in the 2019 Pepper Dem House is that of and , and the romance between the lovebirds is getting intense by the day,

Just recently, confessed how much he loved and told her that he wants to marry her. who has a gangster-esque personality, showed his soft side as he begged mercy not to hurt him and also opened up about the relationship he has with his parents.

Mercy who has endeared many viewers adviced Ike to calm down and told him she loves him but he should know that his parents love him more than she will ever do and regardless of how they have treated him, they want the best for him.

Watch the clip below ;


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