Barr. Sylvester Imonina, ESQ, A Pathological Liar of All Times

Barr. Sylvester Imonina, ESQ
Barr. Sylvester Imonina, ESQ

Sequel to a publication made yesterday by the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Delta State, Mr. Felix Okpako, in which Engr. Elvis Ayomanor, the Acting Chairman of the APC, Delta State, was congratulated for representing the state at the National Executive Committee of the APC, held yesterday at the Aso Villa on a virtual platform.

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This piece is coming out as a counter-rejoinder, not only to refute the nauseating harangue of one Barr. Sylvester Imonina, who has been impersonating as the state’s Publicity Secretary of APC, but also to laugh to scorn all of his ludicrous lies.

In his diatribe, Barr. Imonina tried to denounce the fact that the Acting Chairman, Engr. Elvis Ayomanor was at, and participated in the National Executive Committee meeting of the APC held yesterday, 25th June, 2020 in the capacity of the Acting Chairman who represented Delta State.

He also tried to assert in the rejoinder that the ousted erstwhile Chairman of the Delta State APC, Mr Jones Ode Erue, was invited to the NEC meeting and also participated in the capacity of the Chairman who represented the Delta State APC, and was in company of his colleagues at the meeting.

All of the claims laid in his vituperation are just a perfect depiction of a pathological liar, an odious posture of a poor public relations image for a party as dignified as our APC

To correct all of the wrong impressions Barr. Imonina and his mischievous cohort are trying to create in some of the feeble-minded of our great party, we have to come out here to tell the true position of our party as it pertains to Delta State at the moment.

It should be mostly noted that the one of the reasons why Mr Jones Erue has been suspended and removed from office as the State APC Chairman in Delta State is because he has be found to have embezzled a huge sum of money running into millions, belonging to the party’s coffers amidst some other misdemeanours, including party bus and anti-partism.

Therefore the party want Mr Jones to return the party valuables, including the bus to enable the party put the bus on its proper use for the betterment of the party.

Mr Jones purported faction wrote to dissociate itself from the yesterday’s NEC meeting and they did by not attending, how come they attended the meeting without their physical presence there? Or, did they appear at the meeting in ghosts form? We don’t understand!

They told the whole world that they were boycotting the NEC meeting, how come he’s now saying he attended on zoom? That zoom was a scam, maybe another meeting of Chairmen’s forum with Nasarawa State governor before now.

Barr. Imonina maybe defending his boss when he is supposed to exploit the integrity of a judicious office he has occupied as an impersonator for about two years now to expose the skeleton in the cupboard of Mr Jones Ode Erue. This dent in the office he has falsely claimed to be his office exposes more the stench that he is only an accomplice in political syndicate that is already drowning them all. He and his master ought to be recoiling into their dark shells by now knowing that truth, no matter how it has submerged in the sea of political conspiracy, it must reemerge on the surface after sometime. This is the moment of truth in our party, and every one must know it.

It should be fully acknowledged from now on by all party faithful in Delta State, as well as the general public that Barr. Sylvester Imonina who has always claimed to be the Publicity Secretary is an impostor in the Delta State APC. The authentic Publicity Secretary of the Delta State APC is Mr Felix Ogbotor Okpako, my humble self, as legitimate backed by the consent Judgement of the Federal High Court, Abuja.

Below, the certified true copy of the consent Judgement of Delta State, APC SEC list

Felix Ogbotor Okpako
Publicity Secretary, APC, Delta State


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