Barca defender has proposals from Premier League, slows down his renewal

Barcelona defender has proposals from the Premier League, slows down his renewal

Barcelona defender has proposals from the Premier League.

has stated his desire to continue playing, but the 22-year-old Uruguayan believes Barcelona is not sufficiently rewarding his efforts, especially given the interest he has received from the English Premier League.

Ferran Correas confirmed in February that Araujo and Gavi’s contract renewals would be finalised in March, but Tony Juanmarti of SPORT has now reported that, despite having a similar motive, Araujo’s extension will continue ‘without bearing fruit.’

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Araujo, whose current contract expires in 2023, has no intention of leaving, but his demands and Barcelona’s current offer are incompatible, forcing the contract to be extended.

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It’s not that Araujo’s ambition is being questioned by Catalan management. He is regarded as a leader both on and off the field, but he is still a long way from his current status in terms of finances. As a result, the situation is fairly clear; he wants to continue, but not at any cost.

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Now, Araujo recognises Barcelona’s financial limitations, but he also recognises how far the team can stretch, particularly with new signings like Andreas Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta.

While neither side has made any recent progress, both Araujo and Barcelona are hoping to reach a compromise soon, especially since the former is attracting Premier League interest.

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In light of all of this, the player is only willing to stay with Barcelona, but he is not ruling out the possibility of leaving, which the team management cannot afford to overlook.

If they want him to be the new leader, they must either reward him with comparable figures or accept that he may as well take one of the “important offers” he has available.

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