Give Bandits Money And Stop Fighting Insecurity Wrongly.

On Monday, controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi disclosed the reason for the rise in bandit activity in Nigeria.

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According to Gumi, the majority of the Bandits were in a hurry to make more money before security agents caught up with them.

Money should be given to them

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The increase in kidnappings and ransom requests, the Islamic cleric told DAILY POST exclusively, was due to the rush.

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According to Gumi, the majority of bandits have surrendered their weapons, with just a few fragments remaining.


“When you spray an insecticide in a room that is infested with mosquitoes, there is an initial reaction, which is what is happening,” Gumi says. Both sides are putting unfair pressure on Bandits, which might explain why we’re seeing the current outcomes.


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“However, I think what is happening is that no one has spoken to them to bring their problem to their notice, and as a result, they are highly divided.

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“The vast majority of the bandits we encountered have laid down their arms and are willing to resume talks,” says the narrator. Others, on the other hand, are thinking,


“We’ll overcome them, but in the meantime, we’ll make the most money out of the plan,” which is why they are so hurried that they now kill their victims, and they now demand ransom payments done faster than when they had enough time and the forest to themselves.”

Gumi also blamed previous governments for the issue of banditry, including the current one.

He blamed the increase in banditry on herders’ long marginalisation and neglect.

“What we have now is the product of a long period of herdsmen neglect by previous regimes, absolute neglect, marginalisation, and no one showing concern for their plight, so I blame all previous governments in that case.

“This government should deal with this issue properly; they are attempting to deal with it incorrectly, which is exacerbating the problem,” he added.

Recall Mr Buhari campaigned on promises to revamp the Nigerian economy, but has been chastised for worsening the situation over the last six years of his presidency.


Mr Amaechi also revealed that they took an oath never to openly confess to Nigerians that the government was on a printing spree of the national currency in an interview with journalists prior to the 2019 general election, in which Mr Buhari was re-elected.


“And most of you didn’t know when we took over; in fact, most Nigerians don’t know because we swore an oath not to tell anyone we were printing money,” Mr Amaechi said.


“Are you aware of when a nation prints currency? When it has no money,” he explained. “All we did was print money to cover our debts.”


Mr. Amaechi’s remarks highlighted the cover-up that has accompanied Mr. Buhari’s widely criticized approach to the country’s economy, as millions of people remain impoverished. Nigeria has since risen to the top of the list of countries with the largest number of poor citizens. The nation still has the world’s worst energy supply and the second-highest unemployment rate.


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