Breaking : 14 Killed As Bandits Strike Again In Niger State

Emir's Eldest Son Shot Dead By Bandits

Several bandit raids on villages in Kwata Ward, Wushishi Local Government Area, Niger State have resulted in the deaths of at least 14 persons, according to reports.

When the attack took place, the vast majority of the victims were women and children who were fleeing for their life.

Hundreds of others were alleged to have fled into a nearby river to avoid the attack, but they were all killed when they were drowned.

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According to sources in the area, the bodies of the victims were being recovered and buried, while numerous more were still unaccounted for, according to the sources.

A further seven persons were shot and killed by the bandits, according to reports, four of whom have been confirmed dead and two others are now undergoing treatment at the IBB Specialist Hospital in Minna.

In total, 14 people were said to have lost their lives, and the community was still counting its casualties because other families said they had not been able to locate their members and family members.

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The Bandits were also accused of robbing several cows, stealing motorcycles, and kidnapping individuals, particularly young females.

Homes that have been abandoned

It has been learned that villagers in the region have abandoned their homes, and hundreds of people have congregated in Wushishi town as a result of this.

People in the neighbourhood complained that officials were not making any effort to assist them.

They stated that “Unquestionably, no effort has been made by the government and security authorities to protect the people or provide any type of assistance to the internally displaced people up to this point.”

In the Rafi Local Government Area, the bandits are currently encircling the communities along the path from Tashan Jirgin Wushishi to Kundu.

“There is now a growing concern that the bandits’ activities will have a negative impact on the villages and passengers travelling along the road.”

Another escalation of violence

According to a similar event, bandits numbering approximately ten in number have invaded Batati in the state’s Lavun Local Government Area.

The shop of one Kolade Olushoshola in Batati, as well as other businesses along the main road to Mokwa, according to an eyewitness, were attacked and robbed.

It has been reported that valuables such as laptops and mobile phones have been taken from the scene.

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According to a villager who described the incident, the bandits arrived in Batati in a white Hilux vehicle and did a communal Isha’i (evening) prayer with members of the community before opening fire into the air, forcing tiny shopkeepers and hawkers to evacuate their places of operation.

One individual was harmed by the bandits while he was in one of the businesses to get a recharge card for his phone.

After several hours of action, the assailants, according to the source, withdrew through the Gbangbagi hamlet and went to the forest of Fazhi and Kutigi, the seat of the Lavun Local Government, where they were captured.

In the meantime, attempts to contact the Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Wasiu Abiodun, for comment and confirmation were unsuccessful due to a failure of the calls and messages to connect with him and his staff.


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