Atiku Finally Replies Wike’s Camp for Pulling out of his Campaign

Nyesom Wikeand Atiku Abubakar

I can’t force Ayu to resign, Atiku tells Wike

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that On Wednesday, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate and former vice president Atiku Abubakar reiterated his stance that Senator Iyioricha Ayu cannot be made to quit from his position as the party’s National Chairman.

In response to Governor Nyesom Wike’s camp’s decision to resign from his campaign council, Atiku made the comments.

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Atiku’s Comment to Wike’s Camp

I will not try to make a guess as to why the individuals who spoke to the media left the Presidential Campaign Council; they must have had their reasons.

Personally, I am rather astonished by this withdrawal because, according to party leaders, all other states of the federation aside from the PDP branch in Rivers State submitted names of individuals they wanted to be included in the Presidential Campaign Council.

Atiku Speaks on Ayu’s Resignation

On the requests for the resignation or removal of our national chairman from office, however, I must restate what I have said numerous times in public and privately:

Dr. Iyorchia Ayu must decide whether to step down from his position on his own;

neither I nor anyone else can decide that for him, Atiku Stated.

Regarding the calls for Dr. Ayu’s resignation, however, I will say that as a devoted and firm supporter of the rule of law and democratic principles, as well as the fact that our party was established, structured, and governed by law and our constitution, it is my unwavering conviction that everything we do in our party must be done in accordance with and conformity with the law and our constitution.

If Dr. Ayu’s office is to be terminated, it must be done so in accordance with the laws that specify the grounds for such termination.

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In any case, you will all remember that he has already received a vote of confidence from the same body that is authorized by law to begin this removal from office.

Our country is currently experiencing a multifaceted crisis that includes, to name a few, insecurity, economic collapse, division and mistrust among citizens, and educational disruptions.

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With the express directive to come and lead the efforts to treat these ills, I have been graciously given the ticket to lead our great party in the presidential elections of next year.

I have a plan to address these issues. In light of this, I have appealed to every single member of our wonderful party to assist me in the enormous endeavour necessary to right the ship of state and contribute to the reconstruction of our nation.

For the difficult responsibilities that lie ahead for us as a nation, every single person who loves this country as much as I do is required, and this includes every PDP member.

Atiku Further Stated

And it is my sincere hope and prayer that every person of good will will join forces with us to aid in the reconstruction and repositioning of our cherished nation.

In light of this, I shall implore those party members who have declared their intention to leave the Presidential Campaign Council to reconsider, take a backward step, and join us in our endeavours.

Despite the foregoing, we must not for even a moment abdicate our duties to rebuild our beloved country for the sake of it, our children, and those yet to be born.

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As a result, we must continue working on the assignment and mandate that have been given to us.

Therefore, it is now time to begin the challenging nation-building duties that lie ahead of us.

May God lead us all and comfort our beloved nation, our great party, and our wonderful party.

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