Athabasca University waives IELTS, TOEFL, other English tests for Nigerians seeking admission

Athabasca University IELTS, TOEFL,

The Athabasca University, Canada, has excluded Nigerian students from its list of foreign applicants to write and pass English proficiency before admission.

Following a letter of protest from a Nigerian don living in Canada, Dr. Olumuyiwa Igblalajobi, the institution granted the waiver to Nigeria.

In compliance with his request, Athabasca University in Canada has removed Nigeria from the list of nations requiring applicants to take the , , and other English language tests prior to admission.

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Remember that a Nigerian from the University of Alberta in Canada, Igblalajobi, a postdoctoral research fellow in the North African nation, accomplished the same accomplishment last month.

Nigerians who view the exams as obstacles to overcome before being admitted to the Canadian colleges of their choice would celebrate the waiver as a win.

In his letter to the school, Igbalajobi stated that because Nigeria is an English-speaking nation, its citizens shouldn’t bother taking the IELTS, TOFEL, and other exams.

He claimed that the fact that Nigerian schoolchildren are taught in English from the primary to the university levels proves the nation is an English-speaking one.

He also asserted that there is no need for further tests because English is Nigeria’s official business language.

The school revised the list in response to the letter since it now recognises Nigeria as an English-speaking nation.

Igbalajob allegedly stated that it is unsatisfactory that nations that were colonised by Britain are still required to demonstrate their proficiency in English.

“It’s bad to require IELTS from African nations subjugated by the British,” Igbalajobi stated.

“To date, I have written on 12 universities. I’ll keep pointing out institutions with outdated lists and those that wouldn’t classify Nigeria as an English-speaking nation.

Following the story’s viral success, social media users and other Nigerians have praised his bold, heroic gesture.


Athabasca University tuition fees for international students

The following all-inclusive fees apply to all Athabasca University programme students enrolled in a 60-credit undergraduate programm. 60-credit programs.
Athabasca University Permanent Residents of Alberta $15,965
Non-Canadians Living Temporarily in Canada Outside Alberta $31,865
Athabasca University Students Living Outside Canada $39,605



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