Asari Dokubo Provokes Nigerian Govt Declares Biafra Government.

Asari Dokubo reveals when, how he will kill Nnamdi KanuP

Provokes Nigerian Govt Declares Biafra Government.

Asari Dokubo challenges Nigeria by declaring Biafra as the country’s government.

With a new proclamation by ex-militant leader Asari Dokubo, the movement for a Biafra State has taken on a new dimension.

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The former warlord challenged the federal government to form a Biafran administration.

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On Sunday,  Asari Dokubo declared himself the de facto leader of Biafra’s de facto Customary Government (BCG), According to the Sun,

George Onyibe will be the Secretary, while Emeka Esiri will be in charge of legal matters, according to Uche Mefor, the customary government’s Head of Information and Communication.

In a statement, Mefor blamed the new government on injustice and marginalisation of the Igbos in various parts of the country.

Dokubo promised that the de facto administration would address the Igbos’ security concerns and improve the lives of the people in the region.

According to the former warlord, the BCG decided to take control of its destiny and bring freedom to children and future generations of Biafrans.

“But I thank God that it is time for us to do our duty and service to the motherland, and I have accepted this role,” Dokubo said. I have dedicated my entire life to playing this role.”

“I’d like to invite our brother, George Onyibe, to join the de facto customary government of the State of Biafra as secretary. He will be in charge of the Biafra State’s administrative and day-to-day operations. I also request that our brother Emeka Emeka Esiri handle the legal needs of this fledgling government.

“My brothers and sisters, the four of us, will begin the process, and others will join us later. We need volunteers who are dedicated, and we need volunteers because there isn’t anything else. We’re the ones who volunteered to save ourselves and the rest of the world.

“I also appeal to Biafrans in the provinces of Aba, Abakiliki, Anang, Awka, Calabar, Degema, Eket, Enough, Nsukka, Ogoja, Oji River, Okigwe, Onitsha, Opobo, Orlu, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Umuahia, Uyo, and Yenegoa in the Biafra nations.

“We will begin the process of establishing provincial government structures, beginning with provincial assemblies, provincial governance, and administrators. Nobody should be under the impression that Biafra will be worse than Nigeria.

Asari Dokubo outlined the areas where the government will focus its efforts. The most important, he said, is to protect people’s lives and property.

He promised to invest in science and technology in order to “increase scientific and technological discoveries, fabrications, and making people’s lives easier through science and technology.”

Education and agriculture were also mentioned as important areas of focus by Asari Dokubo Government. He denounced the halt in food transport to the South.

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“I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent plot in which they decided to stop food from coming in from the north. They have failed miserably and will continue to fail miserably. The Biafra States Government will work to ensure that we only eat what we can produce.

“No one will be able to stop us. Nobody will be able to blockade us like they did during the first war. We’re not going to fight anyone; instead, we’re going to walk to freedom. We won’t fire any guns with them; they’ll prepare their weapon, but they won’t have anyone to kill with it,” he added.



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