AS 2023 Draws Near This Is The Sad Reality Deltans Need To Know About Thier Existence

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Permit me to begin this epistle by saying that I am proud of being a Deltan and will forever like and prefer it that way.

Yet, every now and then, we must revisit our past and confront some uncomfortable truths about who and what we are.

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If you do not have the clarity of mind or stomach to hear what I want to say, then you can stop right here and do not read the rest of this contribution.

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do not know who their real friends are; they also do not know their real enemies.

They do not know who is behind all the misery, poverty, and underdevelopment that has plagued this state and how it all started.


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They do not know that right now there are two contending forces struggling for the soul, spirit, and body of Delta State.

They do not know that these forces are the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

They do not know their own history, both political and economic.

They do not know that there is a dangerous, greedy, corrupt, and heartless political bloc that controls the system economically and politically from behind.

They do not know that unless and until they stand up against their collective oppressors, Delta will remain a laughing stock within the comity of nations.

They do not know that they are in a mess and in great danger and that if they get it wrong by supporting their slave masters or their lackeys in 2023, the damage will be irreversible and will seal their fate forever.

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They do not know that our struggle to support a new order is to fight for people of all faiths and against the eradication of the old order which has held us captive since the beginning of our nascent democracy and which is not only godless and satanic but also designed to enslave, underdevelop, impoverish, kill and destroy us all.

They despise those that can see the light and the invisible hands of God in our struggles and love those that revel in darkness.

They hate those that speak the truth and love those that tell lies.

They regard deliverers and gallant men of courage, fortitude, and vision as vain dreamers and see their cruel oppressors, slave masters, and looters as great and worthy heroes.

They do not know that until we speak truth to power and tell them Delta State is not Lagos, we will continue to live in irreversible underdevelopment, penury, and abject poverty.

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We are sick people that are in dire need of prayers and deliverance. We need light and the power of God Almighty. We need a miracle. We need a new beginning.

We need a young, strong, God-fearing, dynamic leader who has no fear and is prepared to tread on the toes of the mighty to get things done.

We must recognise that we are, first and foremost, , and that we will either sink or swim together.

But most importantly, we need pace, unity, compassion, understanding, and to be our brother’s keeper.

Lastly, we need to know that God uses foolish things to confound the wise.

We need to know that the overwhelming acceptance of Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborewvori and his sherrification slogan was an act of God and not man.

We need to know that, as it is today, he represents the new order and the messiah to come.

We need to know that the street credibility slogan and his closeness to the oppressed and destitute are to spiritually empower him to deliver our people from many years of neglect and penury because he remains the symbol of our collective struggles as a people.

May the Lord help us all, and may 2023 usher in a new leader that will change all this and restore our fortunes, establish new standards and set us on the right path in Jesus name, amen.

My name is 
Sanco Ese 
God’s Pen of Intervention & 
National coordinator, OSU Governorship movement.



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