On 25th May this year, our Most Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege moved the Nigerian Senate to bring its constitutional powers to bear on Presco Plc’s troubling use of our Military and other public security outfits to violently oppress, harm and kill our people in Ovre’Eku – an Urhobo ancestral community of Eku located along the Delta-Edo boundary in Ethiope East Local Government Area. Today, the Military High Command appeared before the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to answer for its alleged actions in the matter. Chief Okiemute Agagaraga (Odumaise of Agbon Kingdom), Chief James Abirhire and Chief Felix Okotie represented Ovre’Eku at the hearing.

Next, we shall bring the Inspector-General of Police to answer for the role of the police in this very serious matter. The National Boundary Commission and every institution of State that oppressed our people or that is in any way connected to the Ovre’Eku issue will be compelled to appear before the very powerful Senate Committee. We expect full compliance with every summons issued in respect of this matter, otherwise there will be stiff sanctions.

May we note that the Peoples’ Senator had earlier promised that this matter will be handled with every sense of responsibility expected of the Office of a Senator of the Federal Republic who is alive to his duties and so shall it be. We are not interested in any self-promoting media show or unhelpful . The value of our peoples’ lives, history and livelihood is beyond such mundane benefits. We simply want our people to live peacefully in Ovre’Eku. We want our history preserved. We want our territorial integrity respected. These expectations require maturity, patience, thoughtfulness to thoroughly study the complex issues, ability to evolve real solutions and capacity to meet huge challenges with boldness.

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Let it be very clear to all our people that the Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege will never accept whatever oppresses Urhobos and indeed other Nigerians. Any corporate or State institution that violates our peoples’ rights will face stiff consequences under our laws. We will use every legitimate avenue in our law books to prevent impunity against our people. We are determined to severely punish Presco Plc for its unjustifiable use of deadly force against our Ovre’Eku people for corporate profit motives. This is a firm promise and time will tell.

Senior Legislative Aide.



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