Arise OSU Descendants Arise and Shine For Glory Is Near


By Famous Ovokeroye Sagay

Everything of lasting value is demanding and highly laborious. Greatness is not a product of convenience, the greatness of tomorrow begins with the amount of sacrifices we are able to make today.
OSU Descendants Governorship Race

The pain of knowing that you have the singular honour and privilege of having the opportunity at a point in time in your life to liberate your people from political strangulation and constant marginalization in the political chess game, is the greatest pain to live with.
Arise , Arise and embrace the OSU call.

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Arise Arise and dance to the rhythms from drums of the OSU agitators.

Why wait? Is it that the echoes from the drums are not loud enough? Or the fear of uncertainty is forcing you to believe you lack the mental capability to be among the OSU agitators?
Arise , Arise! Its time to sing the song of freedom from domination, subjugation, denigration and constant marginalization of the OSU people in delta central political arrangement.

Arise oh , rise to the occasion, the interest of OSU should count first before personal interest, sacrifice your comfort zone now for the greater gains of tomorrow, you can’t be faced with a defining moment like this is, yet you still manifestly refuse to queue behind truth,equity, justice and fair play.

We must come together as one indivisible entity that we are, to challenge those greedy and selfish politicians, those voracious Machiavellians of unequal cupidity, eccentrically egregious and egocentric personalities whose attitudinal characteristics has simply put a hole in their respective capacity to lead us at such executive levels.

OSU have the most qualified, most trusted, most reliable most dependable personalities to manned the governorship seat,
we must speak out collectively as a people, if we fail to speak nobody will speak for us,
we must speak up to halt the plot to marginalized the
we must reject in totality selfish tendencies of those voracious Machiavellians,
the OSU people ready to go all out for the governorship position, we are ready to take it anyhow.

Those greedy hunters in delta central who are aware of the political arrangement and chose to still wrestle power with their brothers to crave way for their cronies in other senatorial districts are betrayers, they will soon meet their Waterloo. Also, those of you who are but chose to keep mute at such critical, are as guilty as those fighting to run for the seat knowing its OSU turn, you are worse, your sins are unpardonable.

Come lest work together to make OSU great,
Come lets build an unbreakable OSU team,
Come let’s strategize to make OSU an enviable federal constituency,
Come let’s show the world the champion in us,
Come let’s work together to produce an unbeatable candidate for 2023,
Some one once told me, this is the right words “una know d people na, wetin I go fit do? I beg leave me Jo” hilarious isn’t it? What a ridiculous assertion, what a way to reduce oneself? but let me tell you my dear brothers and sisters, that little support from you might just be what is left for OSU to get there, don’t fail to give that support its important to the agitators. it is important to .




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