Are they From Hell? Women Who Take Pleasure In Torturing House Helps ( Full Details )

Are they From Hell? Women Who Take Pleasure In Torturing House Helps ( Full Details )

There have been sad stories of how married women maltreat and torture young children under their care in the past few weeks.

One wonder if they were their own biological children but they are mostly maids and house helps who are being subjected to harsh treatment over minor offenses.

If it will interest you to know,  the woman in  Nsukka, Enugu State where a 10-year-old girl, Chinonye Nnadi was inflicted with bodily injury by her superior, she is identified as Ifeoma Ezeugwu.

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Ifeoma drilled two new nails into the maid’s forehead and used a hot pressing iron over the domestic help’s body over an unknown offense.

Madam who drilled nails in her maid's forehead

Chinonye Nnadi |  Ifeoma Ezeugwu

Founder of Women Aids Collective (WACOL), Prof. Joy Ezeilo, described the incident as the height of wickedness.

It is gory and unbearable torture of a young innocent girl whose only crime is being born to a poor widow, who had to give her up to live with someone in the hope that she will get an education and survive.

According to the report,  Chinonye’s mother is a poor widow who lives in Aku, Nsukka.

The so-called madam is currently facing trial before an Enugu High Court.

Now it seemed no one learned a lesson from this incident because after a week another case was reported still in Enugu State.

This involved one Effiok Umo and his wife, Nnenna Umo, who was arrested for allegedly inflicting injuries on their 12-year-old daughter, Mercy No.

mercy umoh, girl who was brutalized for sleeping while slicing onions

Mercy Umoh


She was reportedly assaulted for dozing off while slicing onions to be used for dinner.

Mercy’s stepmother flogged her with wire when she noticed that she slept off while slicing onions.

It was also gathered that Umo had been abusing and assaulting the girl for no justifiable reasons by using objects such as sticks, electric wires, shoe heels in flogging her.

The neighbors, who observed the inhuman treatment, quickly reported the matter to the 9th Mile Police station through the National Human Rights Commission.

The couple is now cooling their feet at the Police Area Command, Abakpa, Enugu State.

The height of this domestic violence was when a female guardian in Kogi State poured a bucket of hot water on a child’s body, inflicting her with burns and injuries.

girl who was poured hot water in Kogi by her aunt

the girl who was poured the hot water in Kogi by her aunt

Photos shared online showed that the 8-year-old girl was standing almost naked in front of a police station.

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The child cried out in pain even after a white herbal substance was rubbed on her body to heal the wounds and ease the pains.

After the assault, the guardian took to her heels but was apprehended by the police who had already begun a manhunt for her.

Residents said she deserved to be in police net as she had been abusing the little girl on several occasions.

Meanwhile, a man, Goodluck Ogbuji, 28 and his wife Benita Ogbuji, 26 have been for allegedly inflicting severe injuries on their eight old sons for buying N100 worth of Akara (bean cake), instead of N50 in Umudagu Mbieri, Imo State.
According to the Imo State police command, they made the arrest after they were led by two journalists, Chidiebube Okeoma and Harriet Ijeomo to the couple’s residence at Umudagu Mbieri in the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of the state.
The arrest of the couple was a sequel to a social media post that showed pictures of the severe injuries inflicted on Wisdom.
The Journalists who took photos of the injured boy upon arrival at the residence said Wisdom has been out of school since 2019 and has been suffering physical abuse from his parents.

Boy who was beaten over N100 Akara

Wisdom, Boy who was beaten over N100 Akara

Okeoma narrating the story, said;  “We got information that a couple dehumanized and almost killed their houseboy because he bought bean cake of N100 instead of N50. We made inquiries through social media and we got their house address. We mobilized policemen to the place in the early hours of Thursday and got the wicked couples arrested and rescued the child”
“They have been detained at the Orji Police Division, while the boy is being taken care of by the policemen. The level of injuries inflicted on the boy is wicked. We are seeking justice for the child. We want the couple to be prosecuted. The boy has been out of school since 2019.”

Nigerians demand full wrath of the law on women who derive pleasure from maltreating their maids.

It is time to eradicate child labor, ban and punish heavily anyone using children as domestic bits of help.

The Child Rights Act and the NAPTIP Act must be effectively enforced.

Parents and guardians who have been committing such inhumane acts that infringe upon the personality and Fundamental Human Rights of children, especially susceptible ones should be prosecuted.

For the parents, if you cannot train or nurture your own child, please do not bother bringing them to the world and leaving them to the mercy of wicked madams.

Call 08032003702, 08075390883, 08086671202, or 08098880172 to report any person abusing or assaulting a child.

Source: Ejes Gist Media, EHB


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