APC National Convention Date Announced

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Latest On :  The date of the APC National Convention has been announced.

The National Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is scheduled to take place during the first weekend of December, barring any last-minute changes in the arrangements.

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Following the State Congresses in October and the governorship election in November in Anambra, a source close to the party told Ejes Gist News that the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) would meet to correct the timetable and schedule of activities for the National Convention.

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In this year’s election, I can confirm that the APC National Convention will be held on the first Saturday in December, which will most likely be on December 4. Following the State Congresses in October, the party will convene an Appeals Committee the following month and devote its attention to the Anambra State governorship election, which will take place in November.

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According to the plan, the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will meet after the Anambra governorship election to rectify and approve the timetable and schedule of activities for the Convention within the one-month statutory deadline.

‘The meeting is merely a formality because the National Executive Committee has already granted the committee the authority to conduct the Convention.’ However, if they want to make changes to the party constitution, they must first get approval from the NEC.

The party is also considering establishing a Zoning Committee, which could have a membership of 13 people, with two representatives from each geopolitical zone and a chairman.

According to our source, ‘I can confirm to you that the Convention will most likely take place the first weekend in December because the national leadership recognises that delaying the event beyond December will only serve to exacerbate the crisis within the party.’

At the same time, unless the presidency intervenes immediately, there are strong indications that the ruling party will be embroiled in a new crisis, as the national leadership and previously loyal state Caretaker Committee Chairmen have declared war on each other over the recently concluded Congresses and a date for holding the National Convention.
According to some state Caretaker Committee Chairmen, the national leadership has violated the agreements reached with the forum, which has resulted in a sour relationship between the two parties.

They had expressed particular displeasure with the situation in which the national leadership endorsed the charade Congresses conducted in some states, lamenting the fact that the national leadership ignored many of them who had complained about the unfair treatment that had melted on them during the Congresses, as well as the fact that the national leadership had endorsed the charade Congresses conducted in some states.

Ben Nwoye, the Chairman of the Enugu State Caretaker Committee, confirmed the situation by stating that he has personally declared war on the national leadership, threatening fire and brimstone over their lukewarm response to the injustice meted out to him by their member, Senator Ken Nnamani, and that he has personally declared war on them.

The national leadership recently ordered the State Caretaker Committee Chairmen to conduct the swearing-in of newly elected ward and Local Government executives, but they were unable to address the various complaints we lodged with them about certain party chieftains barring us from participating in the Congresses. If we are not relevant during the Congresses, how can we swear in the executive committee against whose emergence we petitioned the leadership?

In advance of the Congresses, we had reached an agreement with the Governor Mai Mala Buni-led Caretaker Committee; however, I was surprised to learn that they supported the charade Nnamani put on in Enugu.


During the membership registration process, they allowed us to be in charge of our states, but during the Congresses, they delegated control of the party structure to those they considered to be superstars. For example, in Enugu, they allowed Nnamani to take charge and even provided him with a copy of the results sheet so that he could write to whoever he desired to succeed as executive.

Following my exclusion, I am waiting and watching to see how they will run the party in Enugu State now that Nnamani has been given control of the party structure.’ We are only at the beginning of the battle because the baby who claimed that its mother would not sleep will not sleep either. They must be dreaming if they believe that someone like me will back down..

In my opinion, what transpired in Zamfara and Rivers States during the 2019 elections will be a piece of cake compared to what will transpire in Enugu during the elections in 2023.
It doesn’t matter whether they like it or not, they have to hold Convention by December and hand over power to new national leadership.’ President Buhari is the only thing that keeps the APC together, and by next year, despite all of the stories about Buhari claiming it, Buhari has not stated that it will be over. He went on to say that once the Buhari storey is over, people will be free to do whatever they want,’

On being asked whether or not the Forum of State Chairmen is still operational, he responded, “They have killed the Forum.” Many Forum members have lost interest as a result of the way the National Caretaker Committee has endorsed some illegal activity in their respective states.’

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