APC Moves To Impose ‘Consensus’ Candidate Before Presidential Convention

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Moves To Impose ‘Consensus’ Candidate Before Presidential Convention

The All Progressives Congress, APC, may have settled for a ‘imposed consensus’ arrangement to select its presidential candidate ahead of the elections in 2023.

As previously stated, the party will not screen its candidates.

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The party had planned to screen its presidential candidates a fortnight ago, but kept pushing back the date, with the most recent postponement described as indefinite.

On Friday, a visit to the party’s national headquarters revealed that a plan had been put in place to impose a candidate on the party from among the many candidates.

According to sources, the party’s presidential aspirants and key stakeholders will meet on Saturday evening, less than 24 hours before the party’s presidential primary on Sunday, May 29, with President Muhammadu Buhari to finalize the deal.

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According to a source familiar with the arrangement, this has been the plan since the party’s March National Convention, which produced Abdullahi Adamu.

It was learned that as soon as Adamu appeared, the process of finding a consensus candidate began.

However, the party was overwhelmed by the number of candidates, especially since many high-ranking members of the party entered the race.

To accommodate all candidates and avoid fraying nerves, a meeting with Buhari on the eve of the election has been scheduled to ensure that the president uses his good office to determine who wins.

On Friday, the Bayelsa Federal High Court ruled that former President Goodluck Jonathan is eligible to run for president, suggesting that he could be Buhari’s choice.

The belief is that once the president makes a decision at the meeting that includes all aspirants, none of the aspirants will object.

The president previously stated in January that he has a candidate but will not reveal who it is for fear of being “eliminated,” but will do so in due time.

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While the APC’s spokesman, Felix Morka, was unavailable when our correspondent visited, a senior party member at the Directorate of Organization and Mobilisation told THE WHISTLER in confidence that only one form had been printed.

The printing of one form means the form will be given to the anointed candidate, and that will “settle it.”

According to another source, the president chose his Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, “for his loyalty and obedience.” Everyone, including the president’s family and aides, adores him.

“To make decisions, the president relies on his close aides and a few members of his inner caucus, and I can say they’ve all settled on Osinbajo.”

Within the National Headquarters precinct, staff discuss the development, with many baffled as to why the party has not conducted its screening, even if they intend to anoint one person.

A member of the staff was overheard telling a colleague that he had heard it was Osinbajo but was perplexed as to why they had to sell forms to so many people.

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When pressed for more information, he simply walked away, claiming that he was not authorised to speak on behalf of the party.

The meeting with President Buhari, on the other hand, will take place in the evening at the presidential villa, but no official notice has been issued to that effect.

That is the latest on APC Moves To Impose ‘Consensus’ Candidate Before Presidential Convention.



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