Jones ode and Cyril Ogodo
Jones ode and Cyril Ogodo

By : Ogegere Enis.

…… Jones Ode Erue is the recognised party chairman here in Abuja.
Insomuch that I was never going to be embroiled in party battles, I detest desperation, brotherly hatred, mischievousness, and above all, falsehood.
As a member of the accreditation committee, I did not only served as assistant supervisor of the team which accredited Lagos State, I am detailed with the happenings also of Delta APC, as I worked closely with the team whom the APC NATIONAL, CONVENTION PLANNING COMMITTEE AND LEADERS across the country, bestowed with the responsibility to compile AUTHENTIC DELEGATES LIST from the 36 States and FCT for accreditation. The delegates as it were include: Newly elected and sworn-in party excos, board of trustees, past and present elected officials which includes, former house of Reps and Assembly members, former and present elected senators, former and present elected governors and deputy etc, and the recognised list sent to be accredited for DELTA APC was that containing the excos of Prophet Jones Ode Erue which according to credible informations had the backing of the party leader Sen. Bola Tinubu of South West, Minister Rotimi Amaechi of South/South, even the presidency.

Accordingly, and as the convention was ongoing, convening my accredited delegates from the Chelsea Hotel where the accreditation was carried out, by the bridge close to Eagle’s Square, I saw the likes of Hon. Rufus Edoja wearing black native and eating popcorn. I also saw group of boys believed working with/for Cyril Ogodo scatterd and in clusters. THEY WERE TEARGASED according to a police officer. Inside the Eagles Square were the likes of Samuel Adjogbe, others putting on ASPIRANTS AND OBSERVER’s TAGs. I greeted some of them. But these was unknowing to me that they were regrouping for a fiasco. This is desperation taken too far.

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THE NEVER RELENTLESS CYRIL OGODO LED FACTION FROM THE POLITICAL BATTLE THAT HAS BEEN ON, ON WHO IS IN CHARGE OF DELTA APC, COULD HAVE FORGED THE OBSERVER’s TAGS BECAUSE IT WAS THE FIRST TAG GIVEN OUT and no how they could have forged delegates tag because it was given to accreditation officers only for their delegates whom was convened into the arena with coastal buses.
Already seated while the president was making speech were: Ibe Kachukwu, Minister of Petroleum, Frank Kokori, BOT member, Great Ovedje Ogboru, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, Festus Keyamo, Prof. Pat Utomi, Stella Okotete, Veronica Ogbuago, Alex Ideh, lots of notable Delta APC leaders and Prophet Jones Ode Erue led excos. However, in their calm moments, they were embracing and shook hands with Dr. Cairo Ojuogbo, Victor Ochei whom I perceived came to spy the Erue’s excos and leaders before the unprovoked attacks and a near assassination attempt on the person of Jones Erue and Great Ovedje Ogboru coordinated by Victor Ochei, Cairo Odjugbo, thugs and led by our own respected Olorogun Otega Emerhor. It was a show of shame cleaverly woven to disgrace Delta in the eyes of international observers as President Muhammad Buhari was on the podium still making his speech. Therefore, the falsehood being peddled is a mare charade for Deltans to believe that Cyril Ogodo was a legitimate APC chairman. He is not and can never be recognized as one. If not and as photos portray: Why should a succeeding people laughed an attack and not the other way round?



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