APC Consensus Candidates For Party Executives Violates Electoral Act, Says Kayode Ajulo. See why

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, Dr , says the consensus arrangement by the All Progressives Congress (APC) for its national executive officers is a violation of the .

This claim was made by Ajulo on Friday in Abuja, citing Section 82(3) of the Electoral Act of 2022.

“It stipulates that members of a political party’s executive committee or other governing body, including elections to fill vacant positions, shall be elected democratically,” he explained.

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He added that the section also allowed party members or duly elected delegates to vote for a candidate of their choice.Kayode Ajulo

According to Ajulo, the provision means that members of a political party’s executive committee or governing body can only be elected through direct or indirect elections.

“It follows that the Electoral Act of 2022 has expressly repealed the consensus mode of election of members of a political party’s executive committee or other governing body,” he added.

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According to the lawyer, the law clearly states that the provisions of the constitution or a statute should not be interpreted in isolation.

“It is well established that provisions or sections of a statute, or even the constitution, should not be read in isolation from the other parts,” the lawyer said.

He stated that the statute or constitution should be read in its entirety to determine the intent of the creators.

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To reach a holistic conclusion, he believes it is appropriate to draw inferences from other provisions of the Electoral Act of 2022.

“The procedure for nominating candidates by political parties for various elective positions shall be by direct, indirect primaries, or consensus, according to Section 84(2) of the Act.”

“Section 84(9) of the Act also states that a political party adopting a consensus candidate must obtain the written consent of all cleared aspirants for the position,” according to Ajulo.

According to him, this indicates that they have voluntarily dropped out of the race and are endorsing the consensus candidate.


Sections 84(2) and 84(9) of the Electoral Act, he explained, deal specifically with the conduct of party primaries.

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However, Ajulo believes it is safe to conclude that the drafters never intended for the consensus mode to be used in the election of members of a political party’s executive.

He stressed the importance of cautioning APC decision-makers about the potential harms that would result if the party’s executive members were elected by consensus.

He claimed that if the consensus was used at the APC’s National Convention, it would be challenged by appropriate party members, potentially resulting in disastrous results for the party in the general election.


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