APC Chairman Resigns Over Crisis, Deputy Takes Over

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Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, Adamawa APC chairman resigns over crisis rocking the ruling All Progressive Congress party

Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, who was in charge of the Adamawa branch of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has finally given in to the problem of the party by Resigning.

He turned in a letter saying he was resigning from his post as chairman right away.

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Bilal left the party because he had a disagreement with the state working committee.

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Sources within the party say that the chairman may have been convinced to step down after being accused, among other things, of making friends with a presidential candidate from the opposition party.

APC Chairman Resigns…

In a letter dated September 13, 2022 and sent to Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the national chairman of the party, through Comrade Mustapha Salihu, the national vice chairman for the North East, Bilal did not explain why he did what he did. It was only said that the resignation was effective immediately.

The letter from Bilal said, “I write to inform you that I am resigning from my elected position as the Adamawa State Chairman of our Great Party (APC) immediately,”

“The APC’s rules say that I should hold the position until 2026, but I would appreciate it if you stopped me from becoming State Chairman right away. Sincerely, I am sorry for any trouble this unexpected news might have caused.

The resignation letter and a note from Comrade Salihu, the party’s National Vice Chairman for the North East, were sent to the National Chairman to let him know about Bilal’s decision.

In Salihu’s letter to the National Chairman on the same day (a copy of which was given to the press), the zonal head said the following:

“As a result of the many meetings and consultations that took place at different levels of the party.

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I am writing to tell you that Alh. Ibrahim Bilal, who is in charge of the APC in Adamawa State, has resigned effective immediately.

APC Chairman Resigns, Deputy Takes Over as Acting Chairman

In the meantime, the deputy chairman, Sama’ila Tadawus, has been named acting chairman until the party’s National Working Committee gives its approval (NWC).

Adawawa APC’s Publicity Secretary, Hon. Mohammed Abdullahi, told reporters in Abuja on Friday that this was true and that the resignation would take effect on September 13, 2022.

According to Abdullahi, the State Working Committee (SWC) got together and talked about the reasons given by the State Chairman, Alh Ibrahim Bilal, for what happened on September 5, 2022 with the Party Leadership and the many meetings and consultations that followed at the Zonal and National levels of the Party.

State Working Committee Speaks As the APC Chairman Resigns 

The SWC has mostly agreed with his explanation, which is based on being on time and the need to save time.

The party stated that it has forgiven the previous chairman and will continue to treat him as a key shareholder, even though there was a fight and he resigned. The party’s spokesman also said that the party will not be afraid to put him forward for duties if the need arises.

The SWC appreciates all of the work done by the previous Chairman and all of the people who have a stake in the party in the state.

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“Given the above, we will continue to think of him as a major Party stakeholder and will put him forward for party duties as needed. We wish him the best of luck and success in everything he does in the future.

With this news, the APC in Adamawa State remains a close-knit family that wants all of its candidates to do well in the next general election. This family is led by Hon. Sama’ila Tadawus, who is the Ag. State Chairman.

But the spokesman said that the party’s rules would be followed if the former chairman was found to be doing things that hurt the party.

Even though people tried, Bilal could not be caught. He refused to pick up the phone, send back SMS texts, or answer WhatsApp messages.

That is the latest NewsOnline Today on Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal,  APC chairman resigns.


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