Anioma Youth Forum- Worldwide Condemns The Renewed Cult Clashes in Asaba And Its Environs

Anioma Youth Forum- Worldwide Condemns THE Renewed Cult Clashes in Asaba And Its Environs

…… Calls On Gov. Okowa, Commissioner Of Police, Director DSS To End Killings Now

Anioma Youth Forum – Worldwide (AYF-W) a Socio-Political Youth group under the leadership of Comr. Nnamdi Ofonye, has condemned the renewed violent clashes resulting in the gruesome killings of youths by rival Cult groups in Asaba, the Delta State Capital and other parts of the State.

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AYF-W notes with nostalgia that although and unfortunately, cult related killings and other violent crimes have continued to rear its ugly head in Asaba for many years now, this latest one comes with a more devastating consequences with many lives already lost within a number of days which has left palpable fears and lost of hope in the minds of residents in Asaba metropolis.

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Consequently, the shocking news of the violent clashes emanating from Cult group rivalry in Asaba and its environ comes to us with a wave of shock and therefore, the leadership of Anioma Youth Forum – Worldwide (AYF-W ) on behalf of its entire membership condemns in the strongest terms the reckless gruesome killings that have pervaded the capital city of Delta state, which if not curtailed immediately have shown signs of degenerating into what could at best be termed a massacre thereby forever leaving an indelible dent on the image of the present administration of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and the headship of the present security agencies in the state.

Ironically, AYF-W is worried that the Youths who are supposed to grow into leadership of today and tomorrow have allowed themselves to fall prey to the resistible temptations of killing their fellow youths, friends and brothers at a time when they are supposed to be productively engaged in different economic activities for the growth and development of their immediate families, communities, State and the Nation at large owing to their engagements in nefarious activities that portend nothing but retrogression in every sense of it.

(AYF-W), therefore deems it imperative to call on Delta State government under the leadership of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, to redouble its efforts in the areas of Security, youth empowerment and employment. These latest killings have only amplified the need for the State government to make improvement to whatever efforts aimed at tackling insecurity and violent crimes in the State. While we resist the temptation of pegging the ugly scenario on joblessness and idleness, the State State government must go beyond sloganeering and beautiful mantras by deliberately getting youths off the streets through empowerments and employments in different ways as a way to curb insecurity and criminality.

The heightened insecurity in the State, especially in Asaba occasioned by the current cult war leaves much to be desired. It calls for greater concern especially when weighed against the backdrop that Asaba as the State capital hosts the top State security architecture and huge presence of security men, yet the security agencies apparently appear to be playing a catch up game behind these killing spree, instead of nipping it in the board through topnotch intelligence gathering. We are therefore forced to ask that if Asaba could be mesmerised to this extent, what then is the fate of our people living outside Asaba where there are little or no security presence?.

We therefore strongly call on the Delta State Command of the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies to deploy all necessary manpower and intelligence at their disposal to not only bring this madness against the sanctity of human lives to an end but also fish out all those involved and bring them to justice to serve as a deterrent to others who might be encouraged to take same part in future if there is no visible sign of punishment for such crimes and criminality.

AYF-W however, uses this medium to once again appeal on Nigerian Youths and Anioma Youths in particular to shun cultism and all forms of crimes and engage in activities that promote brotherliness, growth and development of the society. We also reiterate our unshaken resolve as a Youth Socio-Political group to continue championing for a peaceful and egalitarian society devoid of violent crimes and criminality.

Once more as always, we pledge to continue to partner with the security agencies and governments to build the needed synergy for collaborative fight against crimes and criminality in our society.

Ekwukwo Elvis
National Publicity Secretary (AYF-W)



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