An Open Letter To Chief Femi Fani Kayode 


I do not know if this contribution will get to you but owing to your popularity am confident it will find a way to get to you, God willing.

As much as I try to refrain myself from writing you this letter I find it increasingly difficult to do so because of the love I have for you as a person.

I received the news of your defection to APC with an embarrassing shock and utter disbelief. the thought alone sickens me to high heaven.

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You have been a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless against this Party you told us was built on Islamic principles

Remember you told us that this government is evil and as long as there is breath in you, you will fight them till you die.

Remember you told us the APC Government has impoverished, terrorise humiliate, insulted our people and turned them into second class citizens.

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Remember you told us that this Government has pampered terrorists and rewarded them with massive ransom payments, you told us this is a Government of desolation and destruction that thrives on wickedness and injustice.

Remember you told Nigerians that this Government is a Government that has turned blind eye to the activities of herdsmen and bandits and that has fought Boko haram and ISWA with kid gloves

Remember you told us this APC Government has done more damage, poured more venom and unleashed more vitriol and scorn on the elders of the Southwest, elders of the South East, elders of the Middle Belt and elders of the South-South.

Remember you told Nigerians that this Government is a Government of calamity and sorrows, a Government that loves darkness and hates the light, a Government of hardship and oppression, a Government that has ushered in more corruption, more recession, more suffering, more injustice, more calamities and more plagues than all the previous Governments in our entire history put together.

Remember you told Nigerians that this is a Government that shamelessly indulged in such a high degree of nepotism, religious bigotry and undeniable ethnic chauvinism, a Government that has so “Northernised” the country that even level headed, rational, reasonable, respected and responsible voices are been hunted on account of their political views
Remember you told Nigerians that this is a Government that has cowered civil society groups, members of the opposition and the entire political class into silence because it is so vindictive, brutal, barbaric, relentless and ruthless.

Remember you told Nigerians that this is a Government of hate, double standard and deceit, a Government that seeks to intimidate and silence contrary and dissenting voices.

I am compelled to ask why this sudden U-turn on APC is there something you know today that you probably did not know 5 years ago? if so can you possibly share it with Nigerians so that we can also consider doing a volte-face too?

I have always accorded you and look up to you with so much respect as a leader who is deeply courageous and utterly fearless in the face of tyranny

I asked myself if this was the same man that swore to defend the Yoruba race with all he has while joining hands with the people Middle belt, south East and South-south to free them from the vestiges of internal colonialism.

You were handsomely rewarded in PDP, you served as Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Minister of Culture and Tourism and Minister of Aviation. Sir, how did you pay the PDP back?

You defected to APC in May 2013, while in APC you were used to destroying PDP. You were a shining star during your sojourn there. When frustration starts setting in you decamped back to PDP in June 2014, just 9 months to the presidential election. I must admit that even the devil need to learn the art of Camouflage from you.

Your return to APC has only shown that you are a man without principles, a man who is ready to sell his birthright for a pot of porridge and you must apologise to people like Bola Tinubu who you openly insulted and denigrated in the eyes of the world.

Sir, am sorry to say this but the truth is that this decision will erase whatever name and reputation are left of you and by extension your father in the Southwest in particular and Nigeria in general.

I know it’s always difficult for insultive silver spoon progenies to take corrections But Sir there comes a time in the Life of a man when he must be truthful to himself and hold in high esteem the sanctity of his integrity. With due respect Sir, you have just embarrassed yourself why trying to fool us. the consequences of this your action is not only insulting to your person but utterly despicable. I am sure that interlopers like you will be left with no patronage in the dynamics leading to 2023.

We await you as heroes of our convictions in the fight against the Satanic agents and bloodthirsty demons of war parading our political landscape like a colossus.

In God we trust. thank you.

My name is
Sanco Ese
Gods Pen of Intervention

# An Open Letter To Chief Femi Fani Kayode 


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