Amb. Young Piero Deserves Your support


By Omajemite Don

Money is not everything, a good name is better than wealth. It is the right time the youths of DELTA State to take action for their future and stand for what they believe. Amb young Piero is a vibrant young man who has been on the front burner, fighting for the Interest of Niger Deltans and Nigeria at large. His effort to bring development to the people of the Niger Delta and all Nigerian youths has earned him countless numbers of Local and Global awards from different organization.

Amb. Young Piero

Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – APPLY NOW

Haven realized that the only means for him to be able to achieve his dream of bringing Development to Nigerians and particularly Deltans, he decides to run for Senate to use his legislative power and good will to make laws that will bring the needed Development, for the betterment of Niger Deltans. He has begun the train and the train is moving very fast. He needs and desires, your support in order to fulfill his vision of bringing Development to Niger Deltans.

Biography of the first young humanitarian, philanthropist, vibrant and articulated youth in the entire World
Amb. Young Piero

Our slogan is;…. ​#The Future is Now​

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life will not give you what you are qualified or wish for.. Life only give to you what you place a demand on. Join Amb. Young Piero to change the narrative by working with a different strategy for the benefit of our generation and to the next generation. We are created by God to maximize our God given potentials to the true service for humanity.

We need to make old things new and create new things..

#The Future is Now.

Amb. Young Piero



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