Alhaja Kaola Scandal Video: All you need to know

Alhaja Kafilat Kaola

Alhaja Kafilat Kaola Leaked Video- Watch Full Scandal Ladi Kwali

Alhaja Kafilat Kaola Leaked Video is trending along with Ladi Kwali Scandal full video. Therefore many users want to watch Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Online.


Alhaja Kafilat Rufai, a popular radio presenter, has revealed that her former husband, Sharafa, threatened to release nude photos and videos of her to the public.

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On Fresh FM in Ibadan, she hosts the popular Islamic programme “Albayan with Alhaja Kaola.”

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She is also the founder of Kaola Communications and Kaola Travel and Tours, both of which are well-known.


Alhaja Kafilat Kaola, an Ibadan-based presenter, has advised bloggers Saheed Shittu and Yahya Gambari to tread carefully.

Alhaja Kaola, who hosts the Islamic programme ‘Albayan with Alhaja Kaola’ on Fresh FM in Ibadan, has been embroiled in a feud with her ex-husband.

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Alhaja Kaola is accused of kidnapping her sister’s husband, Maryam Rufai. The broadcaster, on the other hand, has denied all allegations levelled against her.

Your Soul’s Survival Following her public spat with her ex-husband, Saheed Shittu and Yahya Gambari mocked ‘Alhaja Kaola’ in their usual way.

Alhaja Kaola has now responded to the pair.

‘Alhaja Kaola’ recently said in a video, “I extend my greetings to my junior brother, Saheed Shittu, Save Your Soul too,”

“Saheed had pounced on me so hard the day before (Tuesday, February 23). He has a talent for slamming people.

“Despite the severity of his abuse, he did not quote a single verse from the Holy Qur’an.

“You’re just saying, ‘Look at how she’s acting like a man,’ when you’re referring to Saheed Shittu.

“Don’t you realise I’m your senior? I am, in fact, a senior religious educator. I’d instruct your Arabic instructors. But I’m not bothered.

“Remember, the only time I spoke with you was at Central Mosque, where I advised you to tread carefully.

“Saheed, seek out more information. Spiritual books will be a constant companion for anyone who wants to do God’s work.

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Alhaja Kafilat Kaola Leaked Video- Watch Full Scandal Ladi Kwali

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