Akeredolu Breaks Silence On Recent Owo Attack

Many people are injured after gunmen attack Owo

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Owo Attack: Akeredolu Breaks Silence

Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo State, went to the scene of a bandit attack on Thursday that left two people hurt.

At Folahanmi Junction in Owo, some thugs stormed the Craneburg Construction Company’s yard.

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Speaking at the scene, Akeredolu said that the gunfire was not intended to harm or kill anyone, but rather to ruin some of the construction company’s machinery.

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“I want to calm our people’s fear,” he declared. Because they left empty-handed, it is obvious that what occurred here on Wednesday night was not an attempt to kidnap anyone.

Additionally, there are about 100 residents residing on the property.

“Yes, there were random gunfire at the wall, but nobody was ever killed inside. It is best if everyone is aware.

They weren’t going in there to murder anyone. Security guards who they observed outside the building were the only two individuals with gunshot wounds.

Therefore, it is obvious to us that they intended to target one or two pieces of equipment here, which they actually did. Their explosives damaged the windscreen and tires of another car.

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And here are almost 50 automobiles. For us, we’re considering it. Although we are not yet certain of their intentions, our people shouldn’t be filled with unnecessarily excessive anxiety or panic. Not to worry about this.

“Owo is a somewhat safe site for the contractors. Thus, there were no armed individuals present.

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Perhaps we will have to help them get armed guards to secure all of their tools and cars.

They’ve stayed here for more than five years. The Ore Bridge and other highways were available.

They are working hard for us and accomplishing a lot of things, so we are prepared to provide them with the required protection.


The governor also informed the populace of his administration’s dedication to safeguarding lives and property, emphasizing that the shooting on Wednesday night was not at all comparable to the attack on the town on June 5.

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