Agaga Caution Delta APC Members against repeating the Permutation of 2014 Presidential Primaries in the choice of the State Gubernatorial Candidate


By Omajemite Don

LAGOS: The most vibrant APC advocate for a total change, Prince Christopher Agaga Caution Delta APC, against repeating 2014 template in the forthcoming primary election in the state, in a press statement sent to Ejesgist Media.
The statement thus read’s

In the run up to the 2014 primaries , the leadership of APC in Delta state , profiled the aspirants who had lined up for the presidential ticket of the party.
Several factors were engaged in calibrating the candidacy of the aspirants. Strangely, the supreme leader of the party on account of the higher amounts offered delegates by senator Kwankwanso, directed delegates from Delta state to vote Kwankwanso. Although Kwankwanso came second to Muhammadu Buhari who won the primary and became elected as president , the calculus of more savvy pundits from leading progressive states who stood by President Muhammadu Buhari was to the effect that fielding another candidate who didn’t enjoy as much goodwill as president Muhammadu Buhari with the masses of North West and North East would have ended in the party losing the election to the sitting president who had so much to his advantage.
Ironically these same people who dismissed Muhammadu Buhari as being a serial loser and a spent force lacking the money to throw on avaricious elites have started canvassing the same argument in the choice of who to fly the party ticket in the forthcoming election in Delta state.
While the majority of party members are asking for the replication of the template that won the federal election for APC in Delta, for the party to defeat the sitting governor, the influence of the supreme leader and his corrupt wider reach appear to be dimming the voice of reason thereby pushing the party to the edge of a steep cliff. Thus any decision of the national leaders accepting the template that is being desperately marketed by the supreme leader and hirelings would be deciding the result of the election in favour of PDP even before the ritual of voting
Elections all over the world have shown that the best candidates for party primaries determined by a handful of people is not necessarily the best candidate for a general election where the mandate derives from the generality of the electorate
For a party which is bent on winning inter party contest of a general election, more weight is attached to the aspirants goodwill and standing with the electorate over money influence and academic knowledge that is inferior to knowingness associated with practical experience. We commend the above winning model to Delta APC members and the national leadership of the party. This is a more sure route to victory for All Progressives Congress in Delta state in 2019.

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