Adekunle Gold-The Story Behind The Name

Adekunle Kosoko, also known as Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian musician, recently shared an inspiring story about how he rose from obscurity to fame despite the difficulties he faced as a child with sickle cell anaemia.

Adekunle Gold


  • Adekunle Kosoko a.k.a Adekunle Gold

In a statement titled ‘the truth,’ the music star explained to his fans how his illness prevented him from enjoying his youth and how he endured pain because his family could not afford the recurring hospital bills.

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He stated that he felt compelled to share his story in order to serve as an inspiration to anyone enduring a physical or mental struggle in life.

The words Adekunde Gold are saying
It feels liberating to finally be able to share this part of my life with you, to finally be able to speak my truth,” he wrote in his statement.

When I discuss how I struggled to get to where I am today, you must understand that my struggle was genuine.

Adekunle Gold- The Origin Of His Sickle Cell

“I have sickle cell disease from birth. It was life and death, physical, mental, and financial hardships, you name it, I endured it. It was difficult, painful, and aggravating.

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I lived with a condition that no one around me could comprehend. I was restricted throughout my entire childhood.

“I was unable to participate in simple childhood games and liberating activities such as playing in the rain.

When I resisted and disobeyed my parents’ orders and went outside in the rain, I would experience a crisis.

“The nights were excruciating and isolating, nights that no one could help me endure. I was alone with God and my mind. The aches and chills were intolerable.

“They always arrived in the middle of the night, when my family was unable to transport me to the hospital. I had no choice but to endure the pain because we could not afford the constant hospital bill.

“My Mother, I’m Grateful to her”

“My mother wished for my health to be better. She did her best. She took me to every church she could locate. I am grateful to her because she saw my potential.

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A future in which no illness could prevent me from fulfilling my purpose and living the life I was destined to lead.

Life With Sickle Cell

“Sickle cell disease robbed me of my childhood and my freedom. I lost a large number of friends. Some didn’t comprehend the restrictions and rules I was required to follow, while others didn’t want to deal with my illness or thought it was a nasty or contagious disease they could catch.

For some, I was a burden; living with sickle cell is far from a normal existence.

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“At the age of 20, I experienced one of the most intense crises of my life. I recall laying in bed in the middle of the night pleading for an end to it all. I begged God to end my life because I could not comprehend what I had done to deserve the physical and mental pain I was experiencing.

As is typical with sickle cell anemia, the pain subsided after a few days, and God asked me, “Do you still want the end you begged for?”

“Of course, I said no, and everything changed for me after that. That’s when I realized I had been given another chance to live my dreams and prove to my mockers that sickle cell anemia would never stop me from pursuing my aspirations and dreams.

Lessons From My Sickle Cell

This disease has taught me resiliency, despite the occasional collapse of my body and recurrence of certain symptoms. My sickle cell anemia gave me hope, made me resilient, provided me with the discipline I needed to become who I am today, and shaped my character.

That is to say, I endured five weeks of consecutive performances without falling ill. Grace.

“Because my mind and body were tested, I am now stronger, more determined, and prepared to take on the world. I am prepared for the reign of Adekunle Gold Supremacy.

I am prepared to live and enjoy the 5-star lifestyle that I have earned and for which my body has labored.

“I’m sharing my testimony with you in the hopes that it will provide you with strength. I am thankful that this ailment has not impeded my progress.

Regardless of what you’re going through, I want you to know that there is hope.

You are courageous and must persevere. You can accomplish this. The end result will be the same for you as it was for me.

“Be kind if you know someone who is struggling physically, mentally, or both! Display compassion! In fact, be courteous to everyone because you never know what they may be facing privately.

Be supportive, kind, and love without end.

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“If you suffer from a disease, know that it does not define you. Do not permit it to restrict your dreams or limit your potential.

Expand your horizons and dream big! Hope to see you soaring the big skies.

That is the latest Entertainment News today on Adekunle Gold’s journey from sickle cell to music stardom

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