Actress Helena Duru
  • Helena Duru, an actress, was recently brutalised by members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Enugu.
  • The filmmaker described her heartbreaking ordeal, recounting how the men broke into her home and took turns beating her up.
  • Duru, who shared videos of the ordeal’s aftermath, also stated that the superior who accompanied the men hit her head until she bled.

Helena Duru, an actress and filmmaker, has taken to social media to share video evidence of how she was beaten and brutalised by officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Enugu.

In her post, the Actress Helena Duru described how unidentified EFCC men broke into her home and tried to get her to open the door.

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Actress Helena Duru
Actress Helena Duru
Nigerians react as Actress Helena Duru shares horrifying ordeal Photo credit: @iamhelenaduru

After forcing their way in, the now-identified officers, who appeared to be Hausa men, took turns beating the actress, who eventually fled into the bathroom.

The actress was beaten again as she attempted to report to their superior, who was waiting downstairs for them.

This time, the superior hit her head repeatedly until she felt fluid running down her face, which turned out to be blood.

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Duru’s post included several videos of her bleeding head and other parts of her body that were injured during the terrifying ordeal.

“The next thing we knew, they were causing damage to the staircase door and gaining access. I went into my room and shut the door. Two men climbed to my flat, smashed my two doors, broke into my house, and began beating me. I was slapped first, prompting me to exclaim, “Jesus Christ!” They spoke in Hausa, but all I could hear was “yamiri.” The beating became more intense as they beat me in turns with a rod/stick (I’m not sure what it was) all over my body. One of them grabbed my USB phone cord and descended on me.”

Watch Video, EFCC Officers Brutalize Popular Nollywood Actress Helena Duru

Nigerians react to Helena’s post


“OMG. Pls hurry to the hospital and get treat first. So sorry dear.”


“Jesus what is this lord “


“Jesus! This is so inhuman “


“OMG whar sort of nonsense is this one for Godsake …Am so sorry dear.”


“WHAT IS THIS??????? Jesus Christ”

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