Actress Helena Duru

Actress Helena Duru has been slammed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which retaliated against her because she has accused its operatives of assault.

On Saturday, Duru uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram account showing her injured body and a fractured skull covered in blood. The videos were shared on Instagram.

In the lengthy post, she made the allegation that operatives from the EFCC in Enugu “forcibly” entered her apartment late at night and took turns beating her. She claimed that this took place.

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In contrast, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) issued a statement in which its spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, referred to the video as “misleading” and “mischievous.”

Uwujaren stated that the actress is only interested in “publicity,” and he added that her assertions are “poorly written Nollywood scripts.”

According to him, the actress said that the incident took place on July 21, but she chose to bring it up in September in order to gain “unattainable points.”

The anti-corruption office  said that the footage will be subjected to “further analysis for additional forensic details and possibly legal action.”

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This is what the statement says:

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been drawn to an online video that is currently trending on Instagram.

The video comes from the handle of a certain “@Iamhelenaduru,” a self-styled actress, and it purports, quite mischievously, that operatives of the Commission assaulted the subject of the video.

Checks conducted by the Commission, on the other hand, identified Helen Aduru, an upcoming actress, as merely a player interested in gaining publicity.

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Aduru’s claim was poorly scripted and failed to hold up in the face of indisputable facts that were made available to the Commission.

She was quick to put in her script the names of five officials who, according to her, worked in the Cybercrime Section of the Enugu Command of the Commission.

Officers of the EFCC are not easily identifiable by the fact that they do not wear name tags nor do they go around with equipment fashioned like bulldozers in order to open security doors.

Aduru stated, rather bafflingly, that she was led to a police station at 3:44 in the morning by a young kid but that the station was closed when she arrived there.

It is essential to keep in mind that police stations are not government agencies that “shut down” in the evening. Even more absurd is the fact that she did not file a complaint when it was still morning and she had the opportunity to do so.

Even more inexplicable is the fact that the alleged assault that took place on her on July 21, 2022, but which was not reported to the police station until almost two months later, is just being brought to the attention of the general public today, on September 2, 2022!! A scene like this might only make sense within the context of a normal Nollywood fiction series.

Such assertions made by Aduru, along with any and all other strategies that are stranger-than-fiction, click-baiting, and sympathy-seeking, do not merit a response except for the requirement to avoid the “silent is consent” posture of those who attempt to cause mischief.

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Additional research into the subject revealed nothing new other than the possibility that certain blackmailers in the Enugu Zonal Command are trying to settle some scores by using some well-known names.

Because it operates in accordance with its Standard Operating Procedure at all times, the Commission will not give in to any form of blackmail or other underhanded manoeuvring by any individual.

The poorly prepared film would be further studied for more forensic details and possibly legal action to dissuade those individuals who appear to be building an industry out of making false accusations and smearing the Commission’s reputation.

It is strongly recommended that members of the general public disregard Aduru’s assertions. Officers of the EFCC are not violent criminals or violent terrorists.

Actress Helena Duru

Actress Helena Duru

Watch Video, EFCC Officers Brutalize Popular Nollywood Actress Helena Duru

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