Abia North Governorship: Winning through Compromise, Consensus and Cooperation for Peace & Unity

Ajike Obinna Ajike

A patriotic youth Comrade , a native of Ohafia Community in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State who have the spirit of upholding and protecting social justice, Equity, Peace, Unity, Democracy, Rule of Law and Good Governance in the society has aired his views on Abia governorship 2023 politics.

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According to him, governorship rotation/zoning is working among the three constituencies ( Central, North and Abia South) because from the inception of this democratic setting in 1999, the office of the Governor of Abia state has been rotational between Abia North under His Excellency Dr. Orji Uzo Kalu, to Abia Central under His Excellency Dr. Theodore Orji and now Abia South under our amiable seating Governor Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu. Therefore, Abia North is expecting the position to revert to them.

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Comr. added that political zoning in the constituencies, state and nationwide should be maintained because it’s a means of check and balancing which would also make her constituents feel loved and secured.

He said that he sees this zoning and rotation principle or policy as part of a democratic culture used for achieving fairness, peace and equitable distribution of resources. Therefore if power is allowed to systematically rotate to North zone; please let us abuse not the political space otherwise. Again, even though the rotational policy is attainable still let all the well meaningful North Political Leaders put aside all personal, political, religious and tribal sentiment then insist on Political Equity with a meaningful slogan like (Abia North for 2023 Governorship-Oge Abia North ji ewere oche Govono) before seeking for the Local Government Areas where the governor will come from otherwise, there will be political friction and clash of interest in the same political forum. All we need now is to be massively proactive and showcase more sincerity in the advocacy.

Also, he suggested that wining through compromise; consensus and cooperation for peace & unity of the state and nationwide have to be the best political measure because every struggle needs a collective effort and resources whereas I believe in unity because there’s always a huge strength in unity that enhance victory and for that reason, Umu- should ensure teamwork by carrying all the Constituencies along and avoid political discrimination.

Comrade Ajike Obinna emphasized on the party membership card, saying that it has to be more mandatory to her indigenous people as well should be more encouraged to get their permanent voter’s card by partaking in the ongoing online INEC registration exercise and at same, identify his/her Ward and because the ward is the smallest unit of Government in Politics. While at the same time, they need free access to their Ward Chairman/Chairlady (Councilor).

Comrade sincerely urged that Abians should embrace peace and unity as we are known as God’s Own State and do away with the negative mindset. He whispered that ‘‘Do or Die is a term used by the illiterates who are hopeless and because of their ignorance they can give up and suddenly cause the destruction of lives and properties. Hence, such bad mindsets need to be eliminated from our hearts and note that politics is a game we must play maturely and still maintain a mutual relationship with respect for another so we shouldn’t see it as a game we must win at all costs rather it’s a game of individual interest regarded as a game of defeat or victory. So, therefore, the Governor’s seat comes 2023 don’t need to be seen or targeted as a thing of do or die affairs because it’s hopefully achievable without causing any political violence, nor abusing the strategic ways of its actualization or abusing democracy and rule of laws.

In addition, no present or past government should be condemned rather we shall pray for tenure completion to enable us to advocate, campaign and vote together without a regression because I may say that there’s no victory without supports, so this targeted position also need consistent and cooperative support of the adult which could be from all sectors both tradesmen/women and none tradeswomen because everyone has a responsibility to execute.

Once more, political educations are very needed because it helps in creating political awareness for the less privileged. Hosting of programs like Town Hall Meetings/ Press Conferences with Ward meetings can as well serve as capacity building for the younger generation.

He repeated that we the Abians have to adopt Compromise, Consensus and Cooperation as working democratic tools for victory, peace and unity.

Finally, Comrade appreciated the regime of his admirable Governor, PhD (Victor Okezie Ikpeazu) over his administration again prayed for God’s perfection over State and our Nation (Nigeria).



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