Abba Kyari Speaks on Taking  Bribe From Hushpuppi As US court Orders FBI to Arrest Him

Abba Kyari opens up on alleged bribe to arrest Hushpuppi's ally , Fg Approves Kyari Extradition

A court document in the United States reveals a link between DCP and .

Abba Alhaji Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, has been accused of accepting a bribe from Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi, an embattled social media celebrity.

Kyari was allegedly bribed to arrest one Kelly Chibuzor Vincent, 40, in Nigeria, who created bogus documents and arranged for the creation of a fake bank website and phone number, according to court documents released by the US Department of Justice on Wednesday titled: ‘Six Indicted in International Scheme to Defraud Qatari School Founder and Then Launder Over $1 Million in Illicit Proceeds.’

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After a disagreement with Hushpuppi and other members of the syndicate, Vincent allegedly contacted the businessman to expose the fraud. Hushpuppi was enraged by his actions and had ordered Kyari to arrest and imprison him in Nigeria.

After arresting and incarcerating Vincent, Kyari allegedly sent photos as proof to Hushpuppi, who allegedly sent the police officer money via a provided bank account number.

Remember that Hushpppi pleaded guilty to money laundering charges brought against him by the US government.

If found guilty, the 38-year-old faces a 20-year sentence.

On July 4, he and his lawyer, Louis Shapiro, and the Assistant United States Attorney, Anil Antony, filed a guilty plea bargain in the United States Central District Court of California, which was signed by him, his lawyer, Louis Shapiro, and the Assistant United States Attorney, Anil Antony.


Abba Kyari speaks out about the alleged bribe to have Hushpuppi’s ally arrested.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari has denied accepting a bribe from Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi, a Nigerian Instagram celebrity.

Hushpuppi allegedly bribed Kyari to arrest one of his Nigerian accomplices, Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, according to ongoing investigations by the US Department of Justice.

On Thursday morning, the DCP responded to the allegations with a statement on his verified Facebook page, saying his hands are clean.

Nobody demanded money from the embattled Instagram influencer, according to Kyari, who stated that the police’s priority was to save people’s lives who were allegedly threatened.


Hushpuppi had informed the police that someone in Nigeria was threatening to kill his family, Kyari explained. Before his incarceration, the social media celebrity, who was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, also sent the suspect’s phone number, urging the police to act quickly to save his family.

He did say, however, that the suspect was allowed to leave after an investigation revealed that they were long-time friends who had a financial disagreement. Kyari insisted that he did not demand any money from Hushuppi, claiming that the only time they discussed money was when the fraudster demanded to know who sews his native clothes and caps, and that after the two parties were linked, Hushpuppi sent N300,000 for five sets of attires.

The clothes and caps were delivered to Kyari’s office, where they were picked up by someone for Hushpuppi. Anyone interested in pursuing the matter further should contact Vincent for confirmation.

He urged his supporters to remain calm, saying that anyone who tries to smear his name will be ashamed of themselves.

“For those who are celebrating that this is an indictment against us and mentioning some fictitious big money, They will be disappointed once again as our hands are clean and our record of service for two decades is open for everyone to see,” the statement reads in part. They will continue to see us serving our country, and we will continue to respond to ALL distress calls from ALL Nigerians, as long as the situation is life threatening.

“Please don’t worry about good Nigerians who appreciate our service; our hands are clean, and they should not respond to those who are celebrating and fabricating many false narratives without evidence. We’re used to people like this, as well as fake newsmakers and distributors.”

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