Abba Kyari : NCDC Why?

Abba Kyari

Chief of Staff government house, Abba Kyari, becomes the first elite to die as a result of Nigeria’s rot and rotten health care system.

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Abba Kyari How Ncdc Defy Social Distance, His death comes as a result of the dreaded global pandemic COVID-19. If our health system is sophisticated, such casualties can be well managed or reduced to the barest minimum.

But death is inevitable, even the world’s most sophisticated health system still bows to the corrosive cum acidic torrent of the coronavirus.

How Ncdc Defy Social Distance,

The W.H.O guideline as it regards curbing the spread or managing COVID-19 is among many others “social distancing.”

Thus, a death that results from COVID-19 is either cremated or buried without the deceased family having the opportunity to say ‘goodbye.’ Moreso, the Nigerian government, through the Ministry Of Information, confirmed it that COVID-19 deceased would be buried without family consent. To curb the spread.

But NCDC failed to manage the events surrounding the burial of the late Chief of Staff. Caution was thrown to the wind; people converge in numbers to pay last respect, social distancing was a forgotten theory, national movement law was suspended.

Mind you, the death of the late chief of staff is a result of COVID-19.

NCDC failed us by putting religion over and above public health concerns.

The burial can be well managed if NCDC insisted it is done according to acceptable world guidelines, and social distancing is observed.

This failure, to me, is equivalent to the unseriousness of the government, which implies that we have a massive job in our hands… contacts were made, body fluid was exchanged from person to person no doubt, and the virus can only be imagined to be on a sudden and astronomic upsurge. The begging questions are;

How do we quarantine all that came to the burial ground? Do we have enough isolation centers that can bear the vast numbers to be isolated?

How do we keep track of ensuring all is quarantined?
These are many questions that will unravel before our eyes in the upcoming weeks and months. What should have been avoided will pose a massive threat to us and give COVID-19 a leeway in an unguarded territory.

NCDC But why?

Glory Papaglo Igho.


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