“A pastor came to my house to pray for me, but he ended up doing this”

Janet Kwapong, aka Saa Chick No, has admitted to having an affair with a pastor who came to her house to pray for her.

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Janet claimed on SVTV Africa that she wanted to have intercourse with DJ Nyaami because she believed he desired it.

“He came to my place, went into my room, and started sprinkling anointing oil all over my bed and around my room. He then requested an embrace. “I had s** with him because I didn’t have a bra or a panty,” she explained.

Janet is well-known for her twerking videos on Facebook. She says she no longer offers s** for money, but she is compensated for her videos.

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“I mostly do live videos and get DMs from a lot of guys, including pastors. They try to preach in my DM and then request that I save their contact information,” she explained.

In the video below, find out how many guys she’s been with:


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