A Letter To APC, PDP & Others

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A Letter To APC, PDP & Others

Dear All,

I write to congratulate you all on your several wins within the Nigerian polity, restoring our lost glory and providing the dividends of democracy in the midst of several challenges bedeviling the country today and the rest of the world. Standing high, tall and strong brings the sweet taste of how millions of Nigerians have benefited immensely from the many programmes and projects being implemented in the current dispensation in Nigeria.

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Permit me to quickly remind us of the #EndSARS protest which saw youths marched and protested across Nigeria to demand accountability, transparency, equity and fairness for Nigerians by our leaders. This was largely a social movement and call against police brutality in Nigeria which saw YOUNG NIGERIANS who took to social media to share stories and videos of SAR’s brutality.

As it wore on, it became obvious the protest was not just about ending the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, it showed the pent-up anger over all the many things that were wrong with the Nigerian State.

Far too long, the youths have been denied their rightful place and position in their father’s land. A land carved from blood and sweat from our heroes past which shall never be in vain but with current realities, it is obvious that the 21st century youths have been completely excluded from the scheme of leadership in the country.

With a strong, vibrant and active population of over Two Hundred Million according to the UN Mid-Year data for 2020, it is important not to take the warning shots fired by the peaceful protesters for granted as this will be likened to sitting on a keg of gun powder or a ticking time bomb which is most-likely going to explode soon if urgent steps are not taken to current this anomality’s within the Nigerian political system as we find today.

Since the first republic and the successive military coups, heads of government in the military era have been gallant young soldiers who seized the chance to take control of their country in military uniform. After Aguiyi Ironsi’s six months at the helm in 1966, the next set of military rulers were all in their thirties: Yakubu Gowon (31), Murtala Muhammed (37) and Olusegun Obasanjo (38). Obasanjo would hand over in 1979 to Shehu Shagari, who himself was a member of the Federal House of Representatives back in 1954 at the age of 29, for another short-lived democratic dispensation. Muhammadu Buhari topple Shagari’s government. Spanning a period of over half a century, these former young military officers have never looked back, still holding Nigeria by the horn in a merry-go-round of leadership.

Nigeria, in the mainstream media is pictured over time as a country with a consistent and persistent demand for a young Commander-in-Chief and this is the best time to achieve this considering current prevailing realities within our blessed country, Nigeria.


Young Nigerian’s have constantly in loud voices asked, ‘When will the tomorrow that the elders promised us come?’ They ought to bring in fresh political ideologies, and fresh blood would enter the political system through a peaceful and legitimate movement addressing societal challenges in very pragmatic manner and give the youths a sense of belonging.

A new paradigm is being sought after by the youths for a young, vibrant, resourceful and energetic President from one of the most marginalized region, The North Central region, A region that has been almost relegated to the background in the scheme of things in our beloved country with great men and women who have contributed immensely to the sustainability and development we have today.


His Excellency’s , permit me to remind you all that these achievement are in the area of youth and women empowerment, with robust policies and programmes to carter for farmers and SME’s inclusive, despite the many security challenges witnessed and in many parts of the country.

Nigeria, with its massive youth population, deserves one, for proper representation. At this point, we have Youngmen and women with the requisite technical know-how to man and discharge his/her duties efficiently and transform the country into an Eldorado of Bliss and Prosperity. Fielding the older generation for the number one job might spell doom and woes as the youths have woken and are willing to rally round a unifier come 2023.


The Youths are watching.

Victor Ojochide writes from Benue State, Nigeria


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